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Consistent entrepreneur

image Josh Fritze standing by one of his machines.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Originally from Colorado, Josh Fritze is a man who values consistency. Back in his Colorado days he and others would go day and night four-wheeling with a jeep. “I was known as the bucking bronco up in the hills. That’s how I got my name,” said Fritze. The nickname we are referring to is Bronco Bill.





    This “bucking bronco” made another name for himself as owner of BBX Excavation & Hauling. The company was established in the year 2012 in Euless TX.
    Yes, BBX stands for Bronco Bill Excavating.
    BBX does residential and commercial dirt work. “Mostly what we do is in the line of civil work,” said Fritze. 
    So, what inspires one to move to Texas and open an excavation and hauling company?
    Fritze shares that it is several different things. One reason was to expand his horizons. “Everything I do is always something new everywhere I go.” Fritze goes on to tell us his second reason is because he is an entrepreneur. Lastly, he says, “The overall aspect of being able to do something that is in demand, hard work and [then] you see the rewards of what you do when you are done. Some lines of work you don’t see the things that actually get done.”
    BBX service areas include the DFW area and areas outside of town, “not too far.” With that said, Fritze is his only employee with plenty of resources. A scratch on the back for a scratch on the back is how he puts it.
    Excavation and hauling alone is a trade that doesn’t take a lot of crewmembers, whereas other trades are very labor intensive.
    It’s a surprise that this entrepreneur does not come from a family line of construction mentors.
    Nonetheless, his work ethic is carried through his value of consistency. “You have to be consistent on everything you do in life. It doesn’t matter if it’s dirt work or not.”
    BBX Excavation & Hauling is an excavating contractor  in Euless. –lv

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