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Third gen, new look

image Allan Paxton with his daughter Carrie Edomm, the second and fifth presidents of Astro Sheet Metal. The old logo is on the left; the new one on the right.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - At 51 years old, it’s time for a facelift. No, not Carrie Edomm, president of Astro Sheet Metal (she’s not close to 51), but the company itself.









    Edomm is the third generation of the Paxton family to run Astro Sheet Metal. John W. started it in 1967. His son (Carrie’s father) Allan was number two in 1983.
    A year ago, Edomm became the fifth president, following brother Steve in 2009 and Warren Hankhammer in 2013.
    Even though change can be difficult, Edomm is launching a new website this month and a new logo.
    “It’s not just a new logo,” she said, “it’s rebranding, re-imaging.” After 51 years, it was time for the facelift.
    Edomm oversees the whole company, having started out as a freshman in college doing clerical work. Now, she’s trying to improve all internal processes like communication and reporting.
    Since timing is everything, Edomm has been cautious about changing too much too swiftly. But what charges her batteries is making “baby steps of continuous improvement. That’s what makes me happy.”
    She’s “very excited” about this new look for her family’s company. “It’s breathing
new life into the entire business,” she said.
    Even though Edomm’s only been president for a year, she wants Astro Sheet Metal to stay in the family once her time is done. Fortunately, there are cousins and nephews spread out all over the age spectrum who will ensure that there isn’t a drastic break in family leadership.
    “The transfer of information doesn’t have to start all over again in 15 years,” Edomm said, “it’s happening right now.”
    Astro Sheet Metal got its name because the Houston Astrodome had recently been built. But the venerable ballpark is no more. But, Astro Sheet Metal, is still going strong after 51 great years.
    It was just time for a little nip and tuck.
    Astro Sheet Metal serves the Dallas-Fort Worth area with custom metal fabrication. -dsz

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