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Prescription for plumbing

image Dr. Roy Cryer, owner of Delta 1 Plumbing

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Dr. Roy Cryer, founder and owner of Delta 1 Plumbing, isn’t really a medical doctor; his Ph.D is in marketing and philosophy from Columbus University in Mississippi.






    But if they gave out doctorates for plumbing, Cryer would have one.
    He started in the plumbing world at an early age. His neighbor (Mr. Smith) was a plumber who didn’t have any sons. Hence, he would drag the young Cryer out with him on jobs, not all voluntary. “He made me go with him,” Cryer said, laughing, “not always by choice!”
    Cryer worked with Mr. Smith from ages 10-19. As a seasoned veteran, Cryer formed his first com-
pany–Cryer Master Repair Plumbing–at age 19. He had this company until 1989, then sold it and was a competitive bass fisherman until 2000.
    On January 1, 2000, (remember that’s when the Y2K bug was going to kill all computers in the world), Cryer started Delta 1 Plumbing. One reason why he picked that date was that’s when the new edition of the Yellow Pages came out and people would see the ads. (The Yellow Pages were the pre-Google way of finding businesses, for all the young readers out there. Ask your parents.)
    Today, Delta 1 Plumbing covers a 50-mile radius in the Fort Worth area. They have four office locations, but the main hub is in Fort Worth.
    Cryer doesn’t go out on the service calls anymore, but credits his team. “’Without good employees, you can’t have a good company.”
    And, Cryer’s philosophy is to not be so diversified that they can’t do the core functions of plumbing well. “The plumbing industry is a great industry,” Cryer said. “When we say we specialize [in a core plumbing skill], we do.” This allows Delta 1 to be honest with the customer.
    64 percent of his work is repeat customers that he’s had for years. Word-of-mouth works so well that Cryer does very little advertising.
    As for the future, Cryer isn’t looking to grow his company, but be faithful to all the referrals he can handle. Cryer might sell Delta 1 to another firm when that day comes, or it might cease.
    Until then, if one’s home or business has a plumbing problem, the doctor is definitely in the house. Delta 1 Plumbing will cure what ails you.
    Delta 1 Plumbing is a plumbing service provider in the Fort Worth area. –dsz

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