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Banking on different

image The Uretek ICR crew working to provide another customer with a needed lift. L-R: Raul Cerda, Matt Pesqueda, Scott Turnage and Aaron Boone

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Spent nearly 20 years in the banking industry before he realized he should really be in construction.








    “I survived mergers and acquisitions and never lost a job, but was a little disenchanted with the direction that business was going,” Turnage says. “My eyes were open to other opportunities. I had a former customer, Marc Spencer, who had been in the painting business and sold it. We looked for an opportunity to go into business together. That’s when we discovered URETEK, which is engaged in the business of concrete lifting.”
    “I didn’t even know what that was,” Turnage admits. “It was purely an alignment of stars that this opportunity presented itself to us. We bought the patent rights to the URETEK process and we started our business, URETEK ICR, literally at Marc’s kitchen table in 2000.”
    Determined to succeed, the business partners learned the process, put their single rig and crew to the test and wowed an engineer and a property manager on their first commercial job.
    “Between [the testimonials] of those two individuals, we springboarded from that and used them as our references to grow our commercial market,” Turnage, who is co-owner and manager of production, says. “Now we’re approaching 20 years in this and have about a dozen employees.”
    Turnage doesn’t regret leaving banking, especially when he works with fantastic employees, finds solutions for customers, and enjoys wearing golf clothes rather than a suit while he works.
    “I’m very casual, out driving around in my truck and working with people all day, and I absolutely love what I do,” Turnage says. “It does not get better!”
    Subcontractor URETEK ICR is located in Fort Worth. –mjm

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