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Mortar love

image Owners of Pryor & Pryor Masonry Inc. L-R: Joe Pryor Jr., Joe Pryor Sr., and Gene Pryor

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Joe Pryor Jr. was 18 when he took to the trowel for the first time and, even his family had worked in masonry since 1910, he says he had to work at it. Today, as president of Pryor & Pryor Masonry Inc., he continues to hone his skills.





    “To this day, I still go out to the job sites and work when I have time to get out of the office,” he says. “The guys who have been with me the longest know I’ll do anything they will.”
    It is a lesson the fourth generation mason learned from years of watching his family run their masonry businesses.
    “My grandfather started a masonry business, and then my uncle took it over in the early 1960s,” he explains. “He ran the company until the recession hit in the mid-1980s and we shut the doors. My father, uncle, brother and I worked out-of-state in masonry for three years, and when we came back we worked with other people. In 1991, my uncle and my father started Pryor Brothers Masonry back up again.”
    When his uncle decided to retire, Joe Jr., his brother Gene and their father Joe Pryor Sr. incorporated Pryor and Pryor Masonry in 2004. The company has since expanded to 55 employees, including Jo Jr.’s cousin, Sandy Jones. The business focuses on schools, fire stations and churches, but Joe Jr. enjoys completing smaller jobs as well.
    Even though Joe Jr. has mastered the trowel, the mortar of running a business hasn’t always been smooth. Still, he wouldn’t choose any other work.
    “It’s hard, but masonry has made me and my family a good living for the last 30 years that I’ve been around it. There are good days and bad days like anything else – but it’s all good! It really is. I see my family every day, and it’s rewarding to see the projects I’ve done.”
    Pryor and Pryor Masonry Inc. is a subcontractor in Mesquite. –mjm

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