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Foam and family

image Gary and Sharon Hase, owners of Enviro Tech Spray Foam Insulation

DALLAS/FT WORTH - When Sharon Hase’s cell phone blasts a ringtone rendition of Guns N’ Roses’ “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” she wastes no time in answering it. Whatever this call means for her 24-year old daughter Elissa and their day – a doctor’s visit, a trip to the hospital – Sharon is still grateful. Her business, Enviro Tech Spray Foam Insulation, allows her and her husband Gary Hase the flexibility needed for Elissa’s health emergencies.



    Elissa, who was born with cystic fibrosis, is the absolute light of her parents’ lives. Devoted to her care but needing a steady income, Sharon and Gary carefully considered the work they could realistically do after Elissa’s birth. Sharon, who earned a business computer statistics degree from Texas A&M, wasn’t able to work as they navigated Elissa’s early years. Gary, who earned an industrial technology degree from the University of North Texas, taught industrial technology manufacturing classes. After stumbling upon Enviro Tech Spray Foam Insulation and becoming instant fans, they knew it was the perfect business opportunity.
    “We went to a spray foam insulation school in Montana for a weekend,” Gary says. ”Sharon learned the business part and I learned the technical part of spraying and application. We bought a machine and did little jobs for friends just to get in some practice. We then got our first big job with an architect with whom we had previously worked.”
    The couple established their business in 1999 and worked primarily on the weekends. The company’s success continued to build and soon their weeks were full as well, with projects for Budweiser, Six Flags Over Texas, Dole Pineapple, the federal prison system and the City of Fort Worth.
    “We got some really nice jobs,” Gary, who manages the business, says. “We like doing commercial, but we also do barns and hangars – anything that needs foam insulation.”
    “The best jobs always start with some-one calling and saying, ‘I know this is going to sound crazy, but I want you to do this.’ It’s like a challenge!” Sharon adds.
    Besides loving what they do, Sharon and Gary enjoy the benefits their business offers.
    “What’s good about having this business is that we try to schedule work four days a week and then I always want to have an open day for family, bidding or something that comes up, like an emergency,” Gary says. “With my daughter’s illness, my wife doesn’t have to work [full-time]. She can set appointments, answer emails and run the technical and payment sides of the business.”
    “I enjoy the flexibility,” Sharon agrees. “It’s something that we can call our own time with. I do all of the bookkeeping, management, and taxes, and he does the bids and supervises the jobs. We work well together. I have the business degree and he has the knowledge and skills of the industry. It’s always worked well for us; we’ve never had conflicts as far as that goes.”
    Next year, the couple will celebrate 20 years of business ownership, but will first celebrate 30 years of marriage in August. With all that Sharon and Gary have on their plate, these milestones have crept up on them.
    “I haven’t even thought about it!” Sharon says with a surprised chuckle. “I guess my main focus is on my daughter, who is the first point of our lives. We juggle everything – juggle life, juggle my daughter’s illness and juggle the business – so having a party never crossed my mind.”
    But what she and Gary have put into these years together doesn’t escape her attention.
    “We have kept a business – and a marriage – longer than most people,” Sharon reflects. “We do have a commitment to what we do.”
    Subcontractor Enviro Tech Spray Foam Insulation is located in Fort Worth. –mjm

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