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On the ride together

image Randy and Melody Smith

DALLAS/FT WORTH - When Randy Smith takes his wife Melody for a spin on their Harley Heritage, people may not realize Melody is steering that bike as much as he is.






    “Melody sits on the back and tells me what to do and where to go,” Randy jokes.
    Randy knows good guidance when he hears it, and he has had the benefit of Melody’s for more than three decades. Together, they make a good team, both on the bike, in their 34-year marriage and as business co-owners.
    “Melody and I started the flooring business, Texas Polished Concrete, almost 30 years ago. Melody is the one answering the phone and making the first contact. Everybody loves visiting with her; she’s a good person and a good first contact for a company. She tries through a series of questions to figure out which direction to lead the customer into finding the answer they are looking for. Melody has been a big part of this for as long as I’ve been in it.”
    Randy, in turn, brings his vast con-struction knowledge to the business.
    “I’ve been in construction some way, shape or form all of my life,” he says. “I started out in high school in new home construction in Dallas for a plumbing and finishing out company. After high school, I started working directly in construction. It took a lot of paths – remodeling, painting, installing sprinkler systems, roofing and plumbing.”
    An offshoot of parent company Carpet Plus, Texas Polished Concrete was born of the Smiths’ focus on diversification.
    “We’re always looking to stay diversified and ahead of our competition,” Randy says. “In the flooring business, the majority of our competitors are dedicated to the traditional type of flooring. Polished concrete is a growing part of our industry. We saw this approximately 13-14 years ago, and we diversified into this direction in a small way, doing patios and garages and decorative or polished concrete. It’s pretty much taken over our business.”
    Randy says in recent years, the busi-ness has shifted from mainly residential to mostly commercial work.
    “We have some national accounts,” he says. “We travel, we do larger jobs and I think that’s the direction we’re being led. It seems to be growing bigger on a daily basis.”
    One recent project they completed was for the Lone Star Brahmas, trans-forming a former ice rink with polished concrete to accommodate more activities. Randy and Melody have a strong relation-ship with the Brahmas and act as de facto parents for many of the international youths playing at the junior league level. The couple introduces them to Texas by way of dinners out and local activities, and a few players sometimes even stay during the off-season to work for the Smiths.
    Randy and Melody don’t just team up for business and bike riding, but also for charity. As parents to Australian Shepard Topaz and terrier Cammie, the Smiths enjoy helping other animals through Operation Kindness. And while Randy and Melody control the Harley, Topaz and Cammie call dibs on the couple’s pickup truck.
    “They just love to ride in the pickup with us; they’re happy,” Randy says.
    Texas Polished Concrete is in North Richland Hills. –mjm

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