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Safe and sound

image Bobby Harris

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Every morning when Bobby Harris pulls his truck into a parking stall at Cheyenne Construction Company, his mind is immediately put at ease.






    “Cheyenne Construction Company is the safest company in the world,” Harris declares. “Our parking lot is always full of police cars!”
    The extra “force” is an unintended (but good!) consequence of company owner Bob McCarthy’s entrepreneurial spirit. Through a grant, McCarthy bought and restored a 1920’s building in a rundown part of Fort Worth. On the first two floors, he installed his clothing company, Got You Covered Uniforms, which attires first responders such as policemen. On the third floor, he installed his concrete business, Cheyenne Con-struction Company.
    “It’s just a unique place,” Harris, who recently joined Cheyenne as vice president, says. “We have all the right tools. We have all the right people – 120 employees in the field and six people in the office. We’re also currently seeking an estimator, which is the heartbeat of the company, to join the team.”
    Cheyenne Construction Company is also getting the right jobs, including the Fort Worth Zoo, American Airlines and Ventana. It’s just one of the reasons McCarthy, who once owned a millwork business, bought the 31-year old company in 2011.
    With Harris on board, the company may need another floor or two, since his goal is to “expand the company to its fullest potential.” Space may indeed be at a premium, since the well-protected building also houses The Leg Up Program, a non-profit McCarthy established to assist Fort Worth’s homeless in finding jobs.
    So if you drive by 1212 Lancaster Avenue and see Fort Worth’s finest parked in the lot, there’s no cause for alarm.
    “Cheyenne is alive and well!” Harris says, laughing.
    Cheyenne Construction Co. is a con-crete subcontractor in Fort Worth.–mjm

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