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Bona fide

image Luke Corrado and Steve Corrado on a job together.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - In 2009, Construction News did a company profile on Econo Glass Co., Fort Worth, TX. Nine years later, we caught up and learned about how co-owner Luke Corrado started with the family-owned business.





    Steve Corrado started the company in 1990. Now he is passing on the knowledge and work ethic to his son, Luke.
    Corrado was working as a registered nurse at a children’s medical center, then started doing case management work. Later, he realized this might not be the best thing for him. “I started thinking maybe I should go back to the shop and learn. It’s now or never,” he said.
    This was a little over two years ago.
    As co-owner today, Corrado continues to learn the industry.
    Shortly after coming on board full time, two key employees had chosen to leave the company. 
    Fortunately, they had Manual Rincon, who was just a helper at that time, step up to the plate when the others left. “He’s a very hard worker,” said Corrado. “He accepted it and said, ‘It’s time for me to learn.’ and he did.” Now Rincon is the shop foreman.
    Corrado remembers being put to the test, especially at that time because they got “slammed with commercial projects.” They were all challenging, as he was learning the ins and outs of how to hang a door, to level and cut glass.
    The project that comes to mind putting him to the test was the Dinosaur Exhibit at the Fort Worth Museum. He says it was one of the scariest ones (not because of the dinosaurs), but because the client requested dent glass and they were coming off of new help.
    Nevertheless, they went through it step by step and “it all went perfect.” Corrado says, “We didn’t have any issues with it. Everybody seems to have really loved it.”
    While Corrado is still gaining knowledge from his father, the most rewarding thing for him is the finished product.
    Econo Glass Co. is a commercial and residential glass contractor. –lv

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