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His four sons

image Tracy Daniels (left) and Frank Daniels (right), two of the four sons who own and run Daniels Air.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - America had an interesting year in 1969. We put a man on the moon. The Miracle Mets won the World Series. Charles Manson was terrorizing Los Angeles.






    And, the air conditioning trade was in its infancy in Dallas, Texas.
    Raymond Daniels worked for one of the first AC outfits in Big D. But in 1969, with only his tools and a truck, he ventured out on his own and formed Daniels Air.
    Daniels would take his four sons with him out on the job, weekends and after school. Frank retired in 1997, and now those four sons—Cary, Frank, Roger and Tracy—carry on Dad’s legacy with Daniels Air.
    Even though Roger tinkered with the idea of being a cross-country truck driver, since the four had grown up in the business, it was an easy and natural move for the sons to take over the company.
    Daniels Air is evenly split 25 percent to each son, but there are different divisions and responsibilities within. Cary handles commercial construction; Roger residential painting; Frank plumbing. Tracy is in charge of day-to-day ops to make sure the whole machine runs well.
    When it comes to making decisions that impact the whole company, the brothers agree on most everything. Some decisions are no-brainers, like getting a new truck to replace a broken one.
    Service AC is the biggest division. Plumbing is the fastest growing, which began several years ago. Prior to heading plumbing, Frank worked on the AC side. They hired a master plumber to be the subject master expert.
    All total, there are about 50 employees for Daniels Air.
    General contractors like calling on Daniels Air because they can get the AC and plumbing taken care of in one shot.
    Restaurants and entertainment are a growing trend in the Metroplex. Being able to handle refrigeration in addition to AC helps in getting those types of jobs. 
    They’ve gone as far as the Texas panhandle to the west and San Antonio to the south to do AC work, primarily on school districts.
    There are plenty of other Daniels working in the company. Tracy’s wife Shelly is an office manager, and both his son and daughter work there as well. The chances of Daniels Air being sold to an outsider look remote.
    It’s hard to imagine in 2018 that the air conditioning business was just getting started in the late ‘60s. It begs the question: How did people live in hot Dallas prior to that?
    For one thing, it was cooler then due to the less amount of concrete. It got cooler at night and folks opened their windows and screen doors in order to beat the heat. Beyond that, people just had to deal with it.
    Fortunately, one man with a truck and some tools worked hard and gave outstanding customer service, helping people stay cooler. Now, his four sons carry on that tradition with Daniels Air. Cary, Frank, Roger and Tracy are a full-service family for all of Dallas’ air and plumbing needs.
    Daniels Air, Inc. is an HVAC and plumbing contractor is the Dallas area. -dsz

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