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A par of apples

image L-R: Kirk and Corey Bounds on a job site

DALLAS/FT WORTH - An apple is easy to remember. It’s usually on every flash card when learning the alphabet. When choosing a company name the apple didn’t fall far from Kirk Bounds, founder of Apple Pavements.




    What started 30 years ago is now a family owned and operated company. Kirk started out by fixing potholes with cold patch asphalt and a shovel for $175. As the company transitioned from crawling to walking, his sons Sean and Corey did too. Growing up they would work summers part time and earned cash.
    Little did Bounds know, but he was destined to be a part of the family business. Bounds played golf in college with dreams to one day play on the PGA Tour. His golf ball was far from a hole-in- one. Also during college his father had suffered from a hip injury which set things back for Apple Pavements.
    Bounds postponed his dreams and instead learned how to run the business. He wanted to help take care of his family. “I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit,” he said.
    With the mentorship from his father and loyal customer base the company found itself back on its feet.
    In 2008, the company faced another transition by changing the name to Apple Pavement Services. While we know an apple is easy to remember Bounds said, “Now it’s pretty easy to remember because it’s a popular cell phone.”
    Since day one the company started out doing commercial projects. Their majority of customers are commercial.
    Their work pertains to 50 percent parking lot maintenance for commercial and multi-family projects. The other 50 percent is in new construction through commercial foundations and parking lots.
    Three foremen who run three of the crews for Bounds have been working for his dad for 20-plus years. Bounds mentioned Lucas, Santiago and Robert: “Those three have been with the company since day one.”
    Looking at the company as a whole, Bounds adds, “We’ve always had really good guys working for us.” He shares that they admire “the heck out of our guys and are blessed to be able to keep them busy.”
    Working in the pavement industry can mean hot working days, so when out in the field the guys get treated to   cold Gatorades and lunch. “I love bringing my guys a YETI full of Gatorades and lunch,” said Bounds.  “They are truly the backbone behind this business.”
    Apple Pavement Services also tends to their office employees. As of lately the lunchroom smells of delicious i Fratelli’s pizza. Bounds phrases the thought as “dominating some i Fratelli’s pizza” as they enjoy it once a week. 
    Occasionally, they like going to the restaurant Houston’s for a nice meal.
    Outside of work the company is looking to start a new tradition. No one said Bounds put his clubs away for good. You guessed it - company golf. Well, we should say company golf at Top Golf. Natalie, the office manager, bonds well with the group, even when she misses the ball. But, Bounds encouragingly adds she does “hit balls too.” Side note: Kirk Bounds loves to golf too.
    This is a company that has literally gone through bumps in the road, but that’s what makes them a real success. There are no future plans except for continuing to grow and having fun.
    “It is crazy how God works if you put all your faith in Him and I thank Him for that everyday,” said Bounds. He ends by stating he still believes he is good enough to play on the PGA Tour. However the outcome may be he is the core to the apple.
    Apple Pavement Services is a full-service asphalt and concrete maintenance and construction company in Carrollton, TX. –lv

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