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Owning the name

image The Ganske family L-R: Kaigen, Scott, Danna, Samuel and Benjamin

DALLAS/FT WORTH - As a third generation plumber, Scott Ganske, owner of Ganske & Sons Plumbing, has hands-on experience all phases of residential and commercial plumbing jobs. He worked with his father until he decided to start his own company in 2003, which is family owned and operated.





    That same year Ganske received his master’s license. While making arrangements to take his master plumbing test he asked if he could have his grandfather’s original master number.
    However, once he arrived on testing day they told him the rules had changed, so his request was denied. Then the chief plumbing inspector for the State of Texas stepped out of his office and called out Ganske. He thought, “Oh, my gosh, I’m going to the principals office.” Turns out once in the office he was handed his grandfather’s file. The inspector said to Ganske, “I overheard your conversation earlier,” handing Ganske the file. During that time they were taking all the old files and putting them on microfilm and into computers.   
    His grandfather was a plumber in Stephenville. Ganske & Sons was the original name for his grandfather’s company. “Whenever I started to do my company I figured my name is Ganske, I’ve got three sons.” So, he brought the name back. From oldest to youngest the Ganske sons are Kaigen, 22, Samuel, 17, and Benjamin, 15, (named after his grandfather).
    Today, it’s Ganske, Kaigen and wife Danna who run the company show. Recently Ganske and Kaigen were talking about the company’s future.
    Kaigen’s commitment to the company is appealing because he is young. As he continues to learn and work with his dad, he will become a fourth generation plumber.
    Kaigen wants to grow the company by adding another van and another body to their crew. “He wants to take over this [the company] one of these days and let me retire.”
    Ganske jokes with Kaigen and says, “Send me a check and I’ll go fishing.”
    Jokes aside, one of these days Kaigen will take over and Samuel, who is a senior in high school will help run it too.
    As for dad, well, he’ll “go fishing or me and your mother will travel around.” He jokingly adds, “Just make sure you all [the Ganske sons] check our bank accounts, so we have money to spend while we are out running around.”
    Ganske & Sons do mainly all types of service work. Their services range from slab leaks all the way to new construction. They service in the Dallas/Fort worth area and surrounding counties. 
    Ganske assures he will go anywhere for anyone who calls. “I do pretty much everything and anything,” he said.
     So when we got into the discussion of all things toilet, Ganske let’s us know about some of the odd things he’s had to recover from small jobs. If you could think of one thing NOT to flush, what would it be? How about a cookie package?
    Ganske said it was an Oreo package, “The big jumbo size that has four or five rows of Oreos.” He pulled that out of a toilet. Apparently the homeowner was standing with Ganske and with his eyes bugged out and said, “Is that what I think it is?” It sure was. The homeowner added, “So that’s where it went.”
    Kids do the strangest things, including hiding evidence. What happen to the old fashioned who took the cookies from the cookie jar motto?
    It would seem that it may be a plumber’s world and we just flush in it.
    Ganske & Sons Plumbing is a plumbing contractor in Watauga, TX. –lv

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