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Bands of brothers

image Hashim Rasul checking up on the Split Trail Road reconstruction project

DALLAS/FT WORTH - In the 1980s, two brothers started Irri-Con, a residential irrigation landscaping company. Today, another pair of brothers in the family continues to grow the firm, now known as general contractor HQS Construction LLC.





     When Shahid Rasul and his brother owned Irri-Con, Shahid’s sons Qasim and Hashim Rasul would tag along to job sites and observe the company’s evolution as it tackled larger general contractors’ projects, concrete work, park projects and engineering.
     By the late 2000s, the sons were ready to join their dad’s business. A year and a half apart in age, the brothers both earned civil engineering degrees from Texas Tech. Qasim gained experience doing highway design for two large engineering firms, while Hashim focused on structural engineering design before working for a Dallas general contractor.
    “My dad was getting really busy with work, and said he could use a hand. It would be a good time to join the family business,” Qasim says. “We decided it was a good time to make the transition.”
    Shahid has since assumed the position of chairman, while Qasim and Hashim serve as project managers for HQS. The firm continues to focus on en-gineering projects, including construction of Plano’s Split Trail Road.
    Qasim, who went on to earn his MBA from Texas Tech in 2016, plans to take the PE exam so that the firm can offer design-build services.
    “Long-term, we would love to expand to another market; Houston has a lot of opportunities, and of course, my brother and I have strong ties to West Texas having gone to school in Lubbock,” Qasim says. “It would be nice to have an office, help to improve the city and employ people over there.”
    As for keeping HQS in the family, Qasim isn’t sure if his 6-month old son might be the third-generation to run the business.
    “My wife jokes about that, but I’ll leave it up to my son,” Qasim laughs. “I’ll probably encourage him to go pro baseball, which would be ideal.”
    HQS Construction is a general contractor in Plano. –mjm

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