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image Bryan Zumo, vice president and Melanie Sanchez, executive assistant at the Dallas Build Expo.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Originally from California, Bryan Zumo, vice president of Crossroads Drywall in Frisco, has performed every aspect of construction. From sanding walls to owning the company is how he puts it.





    He found himself in construction with the guidance from his best friend’s father, who became his other father figure. “My father passed away when I was 9 years old.” His best friend’s father was the vice president of a drywall company in California. Easily, Zumo grew up around construction. His professional career started in California in 1998. 
    His best friend also remains in the industry. “He is a drywall finisher in Arizona. We are still best buds. I don’t get to see him too much anymore, but I still talk to him all the time, and his dad retired.”
    In 2008, Zumo founded Crossroads Drywall. That’s right, this year will be the company’s 10-year anniversary. Since 2014 Patrick Feyen, president of Crossroads Drywall took ownership of the company.
    “We’ve got a very eclectic group of people,” shares Zumo. Outside of work the company participates with Elevate Light church every year. The church has a men’s ministry and they host a warrior golf tournament. Last year the company was a title sponsor. “We have teams put together, a couple of foursomes to play in their golf tournament every year.”
    Zumo also gets to spend time with stepdaughter at work. He says they have a large family nucleus within the organization.  Melanie Sanchez is their executive assistant and has been with the company as long as he has.  Her husband Cesar Sanchez is an ex-army veteran. Afterwards, he came to work for Zumo. “He runs all of our finish side of the crew.” A homegrown feeling is how Zumo sums up the company environment. 
    Crossroads Drywall is a drywall contractor. –lv

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