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Excavators’ next generation

image Invitees gather for a historical photo with the NextGen excavators

DALLAS/FT WORTH - After all the anticipation, your new baby is here. Announcing the arrival to friends and family is one of the most exciting, special moments of one’s life, so you want to make sure you do it up right.





    This is no different for the HOLT CAT family in introducing the arrival of the next generation of Cat Excavators.  HOLT CAT and Caterpillar introduced the Cat NextGen Excavators at an invitation only event in which invitees could get an up close look at the company’s newest product line. The NextGen is the 320GC, 320 and 323, which happen to be Cat’s largest new product introduction  in the company’s history.
    The event was held on Mar. 6 at the American Airlines Center.  Invitees were shuttled to the event where they enjoyed a reception of food and drink  and then watched the Dallas Mavericks take on the San Antonio Spurs.
    HOLT CAT is a heavy construction equipment supplier. -cmw

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