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A level playing field

image Meet the ProsRent team. Middle L-R: Nicholas Powell, John Clark and Skyler Gambill

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Developing relationships with suppliers all over the country is what contractors are doing. Creating a way to connect contractors and suppliers through an online marketplace is what ProsRent finds necessary so that contractors can find equipment quicker.





    CEO John Clark had an idea in 2016, ultimately turning it into ProsRent. “Not only do we partner with large suppliers nation wide, we also partner with several small suppliers that now have the presence just like the big boys do.” ProsRent was established on Oct. 1, 2017 as an online marketplace for construction rental equipment.    
    In 2016, Clark was already running his current construction company called USA Renovations. He was fortunate enough to have the right senior members in place that allowed him to venture off and develop ProsRent. Then he met Nicholas Powell, who is now COO of ProsRent. At the time Powell was pitching a different business idea to Clark. “We talked and everything was great. Six months went by before I realized he would make a really good partner for this new start up.”
    In 2008, Powell started his professional career in the Marine Corps as an electrical engineer. In 2010 he moved to Dallas where he grew his skills in upper level management. “I had a unique opportunity to take bits and pieces from a lot of different industries and project myself to where I am now; as the type of leader that I am now,” said Powell.
    Slightly before calling Powell, Clark put his idea into a competition with a software company called CodeLaunch. There were 400 applicants with techy ideas and Clark made it all the way as a finalist. In fact, Clark came into the competition late in the game. Next he had to pitch his idea in front of 600 investors. He ended up finishing as the runner up.
    Right now ProsRent is growing by 150 percent per month. “There are a lot of friendly tools that both supplier and customer will be able to take full advantage of,” Clark said.
    The company goal is to change the game. They want to see more quality business go to smaller quality suppliers, so there can be a level playing field for all suppliers.
    Both Clark and Powell come with a construction background, but it is their director of sales, Skyler Gambill, who comes with a rental industry background. “I’ve got the background in construction, Nick’s got an outstanding work ethic and Skyler coming in with a background in rental; it buttoned it all up right there.”
    The ProsRent employees are enjoying their new form of company culture. Clark and Powell are firm about making sure their employees are happy. They don’t hand out nuts and cherries, but they do listen to everyone’s ideas. “It’s more of a bottom up culture than a top down approach. One person’s idea is just as important as an executive,” said Powell.
    Clark adds that their tight knit culture is the same for his other company. He keeps them all connected even though they are two different companies. During Christmas he arrived at the party as Clark Clause.
    Innovation is the reason, but tenacity is the action. Clark and Powell have a long run way ahead of them, but they already have the tools to get them there.
    ProsRent is an online marketplace for construction equipment rentals. –lv

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