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Semper surveying

image Kevin Mattice, business manager and marketing director of GeoNav, Dallas.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Kevin Mattice, business development and marketing manager of GeoNav, likens construction surveying to the Marines.





    “We’re the first ones in and the last ones out,” he said.
    Despite being only 2 -years-old as its own company, GeoNav’s business is booming. Mattice has been with the company since the beginning, and GeoNav has grown from 12 original clients to now 77 consistent clients. About 64 percent of its clients are repeat customers.
    Mattice is the only non-surveyor among the 15 regular employees. The SMU grad was a political science major and business minor. In only his first year with the firm, the client list grew over 300 percent.
    GeoNav is actually a split from GeoPhysical Navigation, which specializes in seismic and oil/gas surveying. Surveyor Chris Howard formed the commercial land division in 2009 when construction took off. Then finally, in March 2016, the natural next step was to make GeoNav its own entity, with Howard heading it.
    With a field office in San Antonio as well as its new location in Carrollton, GeoNav stays busy. Recent projects it worked on were the Admiral’s Lounge renovation at DFW, the Irving Music Factory and the Texas Motor Speedway.
    GeoNav is also licensed in Oklahoma, so the I-35 corridor is well covered.
    GeoNav maps out and prepares a project for construction at its outset, then is the last to leave to make sure everything was done correctly.
    First in, last out.
    The Los Angeles native came to Texas to attend college. Now, Mattice is part of the prenominal growth that makes the Lone Star State so attractive to companies.
    Semper Surveying. 
    GeoNav is a scanning, mapping and surveying company in the greater Dallas area. -dsz

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