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Air today, heat tomorrow

image Dave and Amie Butts

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Air Today Heating & Cooling got a fresh start on two fronts: it was a new beginning for owners Dave and Amie Butts, who bought the company 2 years ago. With that, the firm itself got a new business model with a more customer-focused outlook.





    Dave was in the IT trade, but grew tired of some of the out-sourcing that came with it. Thus, he set his sights on owning his own business. With his background in mechanical engineering, the HVAC direction was where he wanted to go.
    “I said, ‘Go for it,’” Amie laughed. “Little did I know I was going for it too!”
    So off into the world of HVAC they went.
    Air Today Heating & Cooling is a slight name change from the former company, but the Butts’ gave it totally new emphases. They have a new logo, new website and do a lot more marketing.
    The personal touch in marketing is a very important component in getting their word out.
    “Dave and I believe in networking and finding that trust with people,” Amie said.
     Air Today’s new direction also involved a “mission-based structure,” where they “do the right thing for the customer.”
    “We want to be known as a company with integrity,” she added.
    Before acquiring Air Today, Amie stayed at home with her three under 10-year-old kids for the previous 6 years. Before that, she worked in executive management for the Aldi grocery chain.
    Despite being relatively newcomers to the world of HVAC, the Butts’ have 25-year HVAC veteran Kevin Robin heading the service department.
    Amie’s current role with Air Today is holding down the office front while others do the estimating and actual jobs.
    Amie “wears a lot of hats,” to include accounting, HR, customer service and hiring and firing.
    “All the fun stuff,” she said.
    Juggling all these varied responsibilities makes Amie feel the Mom of the company, even having to give the dreaded “Mommy look” when it’s needed.
    Speaking of being the mom, their three kids take up almost all available free time. The two boys are involved with scouting and pre-scouting, which results in a lot of camp outs, while their daughter participates in gymnastics and dance.
     Air Today’s 11 employees supported the neonatal ward at Plano Hospital this past Christmas. The company plans to be more involved with other civic and charity events in the future.
    Amie Butts’ advice to anyone wanting to enter into this business is to “believe in yourself. It’s hard work but worth the reward.”
    Air Today is an HVAC contractor in Plano, TX. -dsz

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