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Betting on better

image Trinity Drywall & Plastering Systems’ Brad Bryant

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Brad Bryant knew he could bring “better” to his industry, and it motivated him to establish Trinity Drywall & Plastering Systems in 2006.






    “I had spent 15 years with a small drywall contracting company and later provided leadership for a large drywall company in the Metroplex,” Bryant says. “I decided to leave because I thought there was a better way for a drywall company and a plaster company to be integrated into one team.”
    The general contracting community seemed to agree and welcomed Bryant’s venture with open arms.
    “We had small goals in our first full year of business. We put in place about $30 million worth of work, which is a lot faster than I anticipated,” Bryant, who is president and CEO of the company says. “Things were going along very well, and we were trying to get the right people to the right places doing the right things. Then the great recession hit [in 2009]. My goal is that when things are bad, be prepared for when things get better, and when things are good, be prepared for when things get bad. So when things were bad in the DFW construction market, we tried to work on our people and our processes to make them ready for whenever things turned around.  When it did, we were able to capitalize on it.”
    Although Bryant’s company has thrived since it survived the recession, he has been careful to not take unnecessary risks.
    “We’ve been very protective of our brand and have tried to stay focused on our core business, which is commercial drywall and plaster,” Bryant says. “We haven’t opened up any new offices or any other endeavors, although in our plaster division we do have a growing renovation side of our business. We’re under new leadership in that division now, and it’s been very positive. We’re positioning ourselves to prosecute that type work.”
    Currently, Trinity Drywall & Plastering Systems’ landmark projects include Fort Worth’s new Dickies Arena with Beck and the Pioneer Natural Resources corporate campus with Austin in Las Colinas. The company shows no signs of slowing down.
    “We have a five- and a ten-year game plan, and are considering adding another division to our company to expand our repertoire and to continue to grow market share in the DFW area,” Bryant says.
      As Trinity Drywall & Plastering Systems thrives, it shares its good fortune with the community. The company donates work and products to various churches associated with its employees.
    Besides seeing his company succeed, Bryant’s greatest enjoyment is spending time with his nearly 500 employees.
    “We do a lot of Topgolf events,” he says. “A couple of times a year, we’ll have company-wide dinners for the office staff. This past year, we took all of our foremen to Lake Tawakoni, and the year before, we took all of them skeet shooting. We’ve taken the entire company to a Ranger baseball game. We try to do a few fun things like that along the way.
    “I enjoy the people the most,” he continues. “It’s fun to come to work with like-minded people that want to accomplish big goals. The most rewarding thing is to see people grow as leaders and achieve their career goals.”
    Subcontractor Trinity Drywall & Plastering Systems is located in Fort Worth. –mjm

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