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image Cleo Armstead, public relations and operations manager with owner Bryan Waddle of Cross Timbers Equipment

DALLAS/FT WORTH - A “construction humor Monday” is something we could all use. Every Monday Cleo Armstead, public relations and operations manager at Cross Timbers Equipment, is making folks laugh out loud on social media with their jokes and favorite Internet finds.





    What was once a one-man band is now a tag team duo. Bryan Waddle, the company owner, brought Armstead on board in June. “He has always maintained relationships with customers, so I’m just jumping in and helping maintain,” she says. Armstead hit the ground running and loves it.
    Bryan accidentally came into the construction industry when it found him, but there is no accident with the company’s success. “I had a career change several years ago and I started a website selling equipment and it evolved from there.”
    Waddle and Armstead are both alumni from the University of North Texas. Armstead found it appropriate to represent their company with the mean green. “Before Cleo came along it wasn’t quite this green,” Waddle admits while laughing. “She’s taken the green to a whole new level. All I had was a green shirt.”
    Attending the same university isn’t the only thing in common these two have. They both enjoy sporting events and have had the pleasure to attend Dallas Stars and Mavericks games together. While in the high five line, Armstead got the chance too high five Dirk Nowitzki. “I don’t think I washed my hand for a week,” she jokes. They also attended a Cowboys game this past season. No high fives were given there, maybe except to each other.
    Armstead acknowledges how the company is growing for a two-person company. She’s noticed the innovation of the construction industry and has seen a lot of people jump into things. “I think we’ve taken things from traditional and moved it to online. It’s fantastic to see where Bryan started and how far we’ve come.”
    Success is no fun without a few laughs. So, Waddle shares what he finds funny about getting to work with Armstead. “I’ve gotten used to getting up and getting on the phone at 11pm at night because 11pm here is like midday to me. But we have to talk about things. You have to trade that off and know there is a generational difference there, whether we like it or not. You really have to learn that age is just a number.” Indeed, it is.
    Another funny story he shares is listening to Armstead learn the different types of equipment. “Not yet, has she figured out what a motor grader is and that’s one of the easiest things to identify. We need to do visual tests with index cards,” he teases. Armstead admits she’s learning.
    The advice she shares for any young newcomer is that it’s different for every person. “I’ve come up with ideas based on what Bryan gives me. He is such a solid person on what his company is, so he’s been giving me ideas to grow.” Waddle adds they’ve received calls that they were not getting before and he’s sure it’s a result of the social media and what she’s done.
    The highlight of their work is shown with their excitement when they drive by the highway for instance and notice that’s their machine out there. Armstead says, “To be such a small company and see our logo everywhere is satisfying.” These two are going places and meeting new faces.     
    Cross Timbers Equipment is a sales and rental contractor in Denton. –lv

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