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image Danny Leverett, owner of Tarrant Roofing and his team

DALLAS/FT WORTH - At work, they have a salesman of the month contest to keep everyone motivated. The prize isn’t a $50 dollar gift card to a restaurant. Sometimes it can be as big as a trip to Hawaii. Danny Leverett, owner of Tarrant Roofing, is considered more than a boss man - a man of motivation.


    It’s simple, hard work and motivation. Mr. Leverett just returned from a trip with three salesmen who won the contest for a fishing trip. Stormy weather didn’t permit them to cast those lines in Mississippi, so Leverett made it up by taking the guys to Guatemala. “Now that’s the real Danny Leverett that people don’t know,” says Ryan Henderson, sales manager.
    It all started when he was told that he wasn’t going to make it or was going to fail. Mr. Leverett did just the opposite and more. Not only has he built his business from the ground up, but has built an incredible reputation.
    “We kind of follow the Green Bay Packers deal, we draft and train our own talent.” With two locations, one in Bedford and the other in Addison, Tarrant Roofing has grown into a diverse work environment. At work, there is real life with real people. Henderson mentions the several married couples that both work for the company, along with a father and his two sons. There is also a great veteran presence within the company. “We have several people that have really interesting lives.”    
    Henderson recalls a time when he saw Mr. Leverett almost break down. One of the ladies in the office was going through a rough time in her life and since she’s come on board with the company, Henderson says she has blossomed not only as a salesman but also as a person.
    Mr. Leverett sponsored the Venus youth football program this past year. Henderson explains that no one who works with them lives down there, but someone Leverett knows had a friend whose kid lived in Venus. They didn’t have the funds the needed for the football team. “Danny just asked him, ‘how much do they need to play football?’ He wrote a check for it and said let the kids play football.”
    The company gives back to their community with the Boys & Girls Club and Johnson County CASA.  Quarterly they donate a roof to 6 Stones, one of the poorest areas in the entire metroplex. “You know it’s nice to be successful, but you are truly successful when you help everybody else around you be successful.”
    With all the giving Mr. Leverett and his company do, someone once tried to give to him. Henderson remembers someone trying to glitter bomb Danny through the mail. “Our office manager that opens all of Danny’s business mail opened it and glitter bombed her office instead. It took all day to clean up, she was so mad. It wasn’t even meant for her.” Whoops! She sure did take one for the team.
    Inside Tarrant Roofing during their meetings, Mr. Leverett gets everyone pumped up for the day and there is typically a lesson about something within the industry. “Second half of the meeting is to get everybody pumped and fired up. I don’t mean playing some rock music or clapping hands, I mean we get down to the nitty-gritty on how to be a better professional at what we do.”  Leverett has motivational quotes hanging throughout the office. As he instills and surpasses there could only be more bountiful encounters for the company.
    Henderson says when he got his state license for the company, Mr. Leverett called him and they had a 30-minute conversation about how much he appreciated it and proud he was. He also lets us know if you have negativity.  One, you are not going to make it and two, you are going to get run off. The people at Tarrant Roofing are positive about not being negative.   
    Tarrant Roofing is a roofing contractor. –lv

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