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Home economics

image Kenny Rainey may go high for his painting, drywall and remodeling work, but now doesn’t go as far.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Beginning at age 10, Kenny Rainey earned a dollar an hour helping his dad, a painter, on job sites. But earning spending money wasn’t the only thing Rainey took from the experience.






    “My dad was set in his ways, but it was good,” Rainey says, chuckling. “It made me who I am today. I learned a lot; I worked with him until I was 18.  I asked him why he didn’t do taping and bedding. He said he didn’t like to do it, so I worked for a drywall company for three years and learned it.”
    Rainey spent the next few years traveling extensively for motel and nursing home projects. He then returned to the drywall company to do patch and repair work, and established a similar business in 1998. When the economy tanked two years later, he was forced to resume traveling for projects.
    Two things, however, made Rainey decide to put down roots. Extensive traveling was taking its toll, but the second reason was the most important.
    “I had a baby who was born with special needs; she was legally blind,” Rainey explains. “I was going to start traveling again, but I just couldn’t do it and leave my wife at home with the baby, doctor appointments and therapists three times a week.”
    To stay close, he established Kenny Rainey Painting, Drywall & Remodeling in 2016 and knows he made the right decision. His daughter is thriving, and the business has grown to six employees in its second year.
    Even though he now earns con-siderably more than the dollar per hour he pocketed as a kid, profits are the furthest thing from mind.
    “I enjoy being home every night and being with my family” he says. “I didn’t really do it for the money; I like it because I am home.”
    Subcontractor Kenny Rainey Painting, Drywall & Remodeling is in Weatherford. – mjm

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