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Just hide and watch

image Taylor Joseph hopes to be a strong woman in the industry like her mom, BJ Hayley.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Don’t ever tell BJ Hayley that her plans won’t work out or that she can’t do something – it’s the surest way of being proven wrong. After all, Hayley grew up with strong mentors who taught her how to succeed in the industry.





    “My great-grandfather was a carpenter, and when I was in high school and college, my mother was a builder in the 1970s,” Hayley explains. “I had to go in and clean up behind the painters and pick up all of the nails from the roofers. I slowly got introduced to it.”
    But it was after she met painting contractor John Patton (whom she later married) that her career fate was sealed. When she offered to help Patton run his company while he was out of town, he told her “it was not work for women.” Undeterred, Hayley immediately sold a painting job, much to his amazement. She proved her business acumen so often that Patton encouraged her to establish Finishing Touches in 1999. Patton now works with her part-time.
    Still, naysayers tried to discourage her. One told Hayley that he expected her “to crumble like a dry cookie in milk.” His words only motivated her.
    “He later apologized and said that I proved him wrong,” Hayley remembers. “The minute someone tells me I can’t do something, I’m going to find a way around it so that it can be done.”
    Hayley is now encouraging another young woman to join the business: Her daughter, Taylor Joseph, who plans to attend college for interior design.
    “She came to me with that plan, and I would love that. I’ve poured my heart and soul into this for almost 20 years. This way, the business won’t die when I die,” Hayley says. “Plus, I don’t ever see myself completely retiring; I am so passionate about what I do!”
    General contractor/subcontractor Finishing Touches in Weatherford provides remodeling services. –mjm

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