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Unified goals

image UST’s Marshall D. Ryan (second from right) presents a check to the North Texas Warrior Golf Association.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Even on vacation, there’s always time to work, as Marshall D. Ryan, President and CEO of Unified Services of Texas Inc. (UST), learned.







    “Years ago, I got out of the Air Force and I took a two-week vacation to go see my mother in Albuquerque and consider what I was going to do for the rest of my life,” Ryan remembers. “She was dating a guy that was installing fuel tanks for [convenience store chain] Circle K. He needed help and he asked me if I would go to Colorado and put in some tanks. Of course, I had no clue what he was talking about, but I was doing nothing but lounging around the pool and so I said sure.”
    “I was always interested in construction even though it was not what I was doing in the Air Force,” he continues. “Some of my family members had owned construction companies and I worked as a 10-year-old washing parking lots or sweeping a broom on summer breaks on some construction job. My grandfather was a union ironworker, so he had taught me to properly tie rebar when I was a kid. He had all of the tools in the garage and I was curious. I grew up around it so it did come naturally and I liked it.”
    The gig turned into a years-long job, and other than the seven years he spent as a residential construction business owner, he has been a strong presence in the underground tank world. In 1990, Ryan hired on as a project superintendent with a national company that specialized in fuel systems. He moved up in an eight-year period from working as a field superintendent traveling the nation to a division manager opening branches in San Antonio and Dallas. In 1998, he joined UST as operations manager.    In 2000, Ryan bought UST and, due to the 9-11 attack, changed the company’s project scope from mostly airport fuel tank installation to working with railroads and general and mechanical contractors. Leaning on his residential building expertise, he also established a commercial general contracting division at UST. Today, half of the company’s projects are general construction-related.
    These days, UST is churning out notable projects including Fort Worth’s GE facility, the Department of Public Safety in Kaufman, Google data centers as well as military base projects, such as Fort Worth’s Joint Reserve Base fueling systems and new general construction projects.
    With the company thriving, Ryan and UST employees also make sure to take time to give back to their community.   
    “We hold a golf tournament to support North Texas Warrior Golf Association (NTWGA),” Ryan says. “NTWGA is a warrior organization nonprofit for veterans with PTSD and other wounds. They do it in the form of teaching them how to play golf, equipping them with clubs and taking them out for golf once in a while. It’s a real camaraderie thing. We got involved with them a few years ago and so we do an annual golf tournament to support their cause.
    “I love the challenge of all of it,” Ryan continues. “I think at the end of the day my purpose isn’t to build a house or build a fuel system, but it’s building a company and building a team. I like the process of building a team to produce a product that clients will be happy with. At the end of the job, I promise the client I will be asking for a reference letter they will be happy to write. I have files full of reference letters from past clients that we did everything we said we would do and more.”
    Unified Services of Texas (UST) is a general contractor and subcontractor located in Southlake. –mjm

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