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Right out of the gate

image To keep his new business safe from too-fast growth, Trey Sheets is fencing it in – for now.

DALLAS/ FT WORTH - S & B Electrical and Construction Services may be in its infancy, but the company has already completed its first major commercial project: An iron fence protecting a large preschool’s perimeter.





    Co-owner Trey Sheets is elated as he admires the finished result. He spent many hours building the entire fence out in his garage, and admits with a chuckle that his wife can finally spend time with him again. He’s especially happy that he started the business with his cousin, Patrick “Chris” Bridges.
    “We’re pretty new; we’ve been in business about nine months,” Sheets says. “Chris is a master electrician in Texas. He worked for another company but decided to go out on his own. I’ve always built fences, carports and awnings; I’ve always loved anything that involved welding. He’s the genius in all of this; he focuses on the electrical aspect. I do a lot of the grunt work.”
    It’s not really grunt work though; in fact, he absolutely loves what he does.
    “I like bringing customers’ visions to life – that is what I love most. You can start with a bare, open field or a lot and I can go in and put something to secure it, to make it look good. I love it.”
    Sheets isn’t letting this first success cloud his vision.
    “Everybody’s dream is to grow, but I’ve had friends in this business grow too quickly,” he says. “They got a taste of a big contract and they’re spending money that they don’t need to; they’re not there yet. I tell Chris that I know the ideal is to get big, but you don’t do it overnight. It takes time building a reputation and referrals. I would love to grow but not at the expense of our customers. I want a reputable company, for people to know when they call for whatever services are needed, that it’s going to be handled right.”
    S&B Electrical and Construction Services is a subcontractor in Aledo. –mjm

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