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From the ground floor

image Juan Hernandez (far right, with his team) learned the trade from the floor up with help from his family.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Juan Hernandez has family to thank for his bright future in the flooring business.







    The Monterrey, Mexico native moved to the United States in 1997 and tested several jobs, hoping to find the right fit. His cousins, who worked in the flooring trade took the then 24-year-old under their wings, and began teaching him what they knew.
    Discovering he had a knack for it, Hernandez began working in the trade and established B & J Flooring two years ago. With his team of six, Hernandez installs carpet, vinyl, tile and wood flooring for commercial and residential projects. At the moment, he’s enjoying his initial success but isn’t aiming to ambitiously grow the business.
    “I want the company to be big, but I don’t make it a goal,” Hernandez says. “Sometimes goals don’t work out because they depends on other people.”
    Fortunately for Hernandez, he has a Plan B on which to fall back. At 19, Hernandez discovered his love of music, and, with his brother’s help, learned how to play bass and guitar. Although he doesn’t currently have a band, he jams plenty with local bands. He especially enjoys playing norteño, a genre of Mexican music related to polka and corridos.
    “I’m not really good,” he says, laughing, “but I like it.”
    Although he doesn’t play for his employees – he suspects it would bore them – Hernandez does like to host impromptu cookouts for his team, and they never grow bored of that.
    Hernandez also enjoys spending time with his wife, three sons and one daughter – so much so that when the kids aren’t in school, they help dad in the business. As Hernandez knows, sometimes, it’s best to learn a business from family.
    B&J Flooring is a subcontractor in Dallas. –mjm

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