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Hey, bruh

image L-R: Vargas Services’ Jose Vargas and Francisco Vargas

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Jose Vargas, owner of HVAC installation company Vargas Services, and his brother Francisco Vargas didn’t just go through childhood together. The two have worked alongside each other, first in healthcare and now in construction.





     Radiology was Jose’s initial calling, while Francisco was an anesthesia tech. Both found themselves turned off by the ego-driven world of medicine, however, and began seeking a new direction. Jose took over their dad’s appliance service shop four years ago, earned his HVAC contractor license, built up his clientele and turned Vargas Services into a five employee HVAC installation business.
    “I knew I was capable of building and running a company; I had the motivation to do it,” Jose says. “I just needed the help and support of my family.”
    Francisco, fresh out of college, soon became that help, and he says the two have been “hitting it off” ever since.
    With so much work in Texas, Jose’s work base is in Stephenville, while Francisco stays in Fort Worth to ensure the company covers as many projects – and miles – as possible. The distance makes the heart grow fonder for the siblings … and then sometimes it doesn’t.
    “We bump heads,” says Francisco good naturedly, “but it’s business.”
    “I wouldn’t say we bump heads too much,” Jose interjects with a teasing smile toward Francisco. “I leave him to do his responsibilities and I have mine. I know I can be the one who starts the head collision, but he’s always the one that takes things down. He’s very good at handling any situation.”
    “It works great,” Jose says, “because it’s hard to find somebody you can trust more than a brother.”
    Vargas Services is an HVAC subcontractor servicing  North and Central Texas. –mjm

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