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Partners by design

image L-R: Greg Ibañez and Bart Shaw at their new firm’s Nov. 16 open house.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - For years on his work commute, Bart Shaw AIA would pass the Oberklasse Auto Works repair shop in downtown Fort Worth and consider its possibilities as an office. During that time, he also considered the possibilities of establishing an architecture firm with Greg Ibañez FAIA. Even though their design focus was different – Shaw concentrated on small to mid-size creative commercial projects, and Ibanez designed high-end residential and airline lounges – they shared similarities. Both were respected, award-winning Fort Worth architects who had served as American Institute of Architecture chapter presidents. Most importantly, they admired each others’ talent and enjoyed collaborating on projects.


“We’ve known each other for a long time, and I’ve always had a high level of respect for Greg’s work,” Shaw says. “We started talking about it two years ago and thought we could do this to support each other. We wanted to find a way to be involved in each others’ projects and make it better by the combination.”
    “It just seemed to make a lot of sense,” Ibañez agrees. “Our work is complimentary; we do different things, but at this level of design we’re on the same page and it’s just progressed. It’s nice to have a sounding board and partner.”
    The two established Ibañez Shaw Architecture Sep. 1 and moved into the renovated auto repair shop-turned-studio at 801 W. 10th Street a few weeks later. The firm currently employs seven and plans to hire more – but not too many.
    “The reason we like being a small firm is that we get to do everything,” Ibañez explains. “We try to be selective about the work we take; the way we work takes a lot of time and effort. We’re not just cranking out product; everything we do is a one-off. We are the embodiment of reinventing the wheel; that’s what we do for every project.”
    Ibanez Shaw Architecture designs for commercial, community, interior, product, public art, retail and residential projects. ­–mjm

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