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Bonded brothers

image Michael Rhone and Mark Rhone and the “city” centerpieces they created.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - They’re the kind of brothers who would endure bb pellets and broken arms for each other (they have, and those are some funny stories – just ask them!). They finish each other’s sentences and read each other’s thoughts. And for the past six years, Michael Rhone and Mark Rhone have even worked side-by-side at CityWide Mechanical’s metal shop.




    Michael and younger-by-six-years Mark began learning the sheet metal trade from their father Keith Rhone in Baxter, IA. The brothers were naturals at the craft and began taking high school metal shop classes. Mark continued in the field immediately after high school, and moved to Texas with Keith to set up a sheet metal business. Michael later joined them in Texas, but worked for a different company. The brothers had always hoped to work together, and when Michael was hired at CityWide in 2000, Mark joined him there in 2012.
    “From the time we were both adults, we were pretty much best friends,” Mark says. “We think so much alike. We pretty much see eye-to-eye. We even ride to work together every day.”
    “We’ve got a good relationship; we work well together,” Michael says. We’re together outside of work a lot too.”
    Each brings strengths to the business that are admired by the other.
    “One reason I wanted to bring Mark on is, not only is he my brother, but he has significant computer skills and I needed someone who could draw and do artistic tasks,” Michael says.
     “Mike’s strength is that he’s more compassionate,” Mark says. “He’s better at talking to people with tact.”
    They also enjoy collaborating on creative projects, like grills and charcoal starters and the Dallas and Fort Worth “skyline” centerpieces used at American Subcontractors Association’s award ceremony in June.
    “Honestly, we were shocked at how people liked them,” Mark says.
    “It turned out really well,” Michael agrees. “And the nice part is just the chance to work with my brother.” –mjm

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