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The rarest bird

image L-R: An elated David Reynolds celebrates his albatross with golfing buddies Corey Kaiser and Johnny Coppage.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - David Reynolds, founder and CEO of DP Reynolds & Associates in Lewisville, recently experienced a golf rarity: An albatross (double eagle) at hole #18 par 5 at The Lakes at Castle Hills. After a good drive off the tee box, he was 204 yards out needing to hit over a creek and onto an elevated green…







   …and then into the hole, which he did.
    Some put the chances of making an albatross at about 1 million to 1, while others believe it’s actually 6 million to 1. Up to that moment, Reynolds had not even made a difficult-but-a-bit-more-common hole in one.
    “It was unreal,” Reynolds said of the moment he and his two friends walked up to the hole to verify what they thought they had just witnessed. “We were like three little kids walking up there because we had a premonition it was in the hole, but we weren’t positive. We walked up, and there it was laying down at the bottom of the cup. It was surreal.”
    “The good part of the story was that one of the other players who was a 22 handicap, receiving one stroke on the hole for a $5 per hole bet, hit on the green in two shots and made a 15ft. putt for his first ever eagle to cover up the albatross,” Reynolds says. “It was really a celebratory moment.”
    And about that bet …
    “I came out on the short end because when you hit a hole in one, the rule of thumb is that you buy everyone a drink at the 19th hole, which is the bar,” Reynolds says, laughing. “So really, it was a mute point because I was buying everyone drinks.”
    The story, however, remains priceless. –mjm

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