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Helping heroes

image The Double Oak Police Department now has the body armor they need, thanks to Supreme Roofing’s Tim Rainey and generous roofing industry members.

DALLAS/FORT WORTH – Last July, a sniper used a semi-automatic rifle to ambush and fire upon a group of Dallas police officers and Dallas Area Rapid Transit officers. Five officers were killed and nine others, including two civilians, were injured.

    During the incident, the Dallas Police Department immediately called upon neighboring police forces – including the police in the small town of Double Oak, TX – to be ready to assist if needed. Double Oak’s force bravely stood ready to answer the call, but because the resources of the 2,900-resident town were limited, the officers did so without the kind of body armor needed for sniper situations or potential riots.
    When Supreme Roofing CEO Tim Rainey learned of the Double Oak Police Department’s need, he quickly made a generous donation to purchase three sets of high quality body armor, which consists of a bullet-proof vest, a helmet and a ballistic shield. He also lobbied others in the roofing industry to donate a set of body armor for the Double Oak officers. The North Texas Roofing Contractors Association (NTRCA) purchased a set, as did C-CAP’s John Gipson, Empire Roofing’s Ronnie McGlothlin, Frazier Roofing & Guttering’s Rich Frazier, Sun Commercial Roofs’ Hector Castro and Texas Roof Management’s Kelly Lea.
    “We are grateful for the sacrifices that police officers and their families make on a daily basis to protect our communities,” Rainey says. “It’s an honor to join with other leaders in the roofing industry to give back in a meaningful way to a local police force.”–mjm

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