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Welcome back!

image Wayne Lawrence

DALLAS/FORT WORTH – The construction industry can have a long memory – and that can be a good thing. Wayne Lawrence, a co-founder of modular building contracting company Warrior Group, decided to take a post-divorce sabbatical since his contract had a non-compete clause. He had hoped to revisit modular building again but knew it might be best to let it remain in the past.

    But even after a humbling three-year sit on the sidelines, former business associates still had Lawrence on their minds. An ABC Supply salesperson reached out to ask if he had considered working in the minority-sparse roofing industry. After discussing it with roofing company owners and zeroing in on the commercial side, he created Skystone Roofing Group with Aspenmark Roofing & Solar’s Chris Zazo. Two months later, the team had their first client, Hensel Phelps, who remembered Lawrence’s modular building work. Within the first year, they scored $1 million in contracts, including DFW Airport and Walmart.
    People continued to offer a hand. While meeting with Manhattan Construction about an Intercontinental roofing job, he was introduced to Bert Nunez, who had commercial roofing operations experience.
    “We all decided to meet, Skystone went away, and we created a new roofing contracting company, Diversity Resources Group, to take it national. We were certified September of last year and had a contract with CBRE to handle the Wells Fargo footprint by October. We’re at Love Field, Fort Bragg, and got that Manhattan job at Intercontinental. We’re bidding almost $10 million worth of work all over the country now.”
    And the helps just keep coming. Most recently, a former employee encouraged Lawrence to collaborate with contractor Joe Funk, which was looking to create a joint venture with a minority contractor. Since starting the partnership, the team has been awarded a $2 million project at DISD. Within the past two months, DRG has been introduced to two proprietary new-to-market technologies that it will push out to multi-nationals.
    “We’ve been pretty busy since we started a year ago,” he laughs. “I guess everybody’s been waiting for me to come back.”
    No one is happier to have Lawrence back than himself. With his work full of purpose again, he has more to look forward to: His fall wedding and raising his two children – his second was born this summer. –mjm

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