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Industry Folks - Stan W. Wilson, Central Builders Inc.

image Stan W. Wilson, Project Manager, Central Builders Inc., Denton, TX

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Living and breathing Texas is what Stan Wilson knows because he was born in Denton in 1955. He attended Denton High School, class of 1973, and continues to reside there. Stan is a soft-spoken gentleman, with a dedicated work ethic toward the construction industry. His height speaks for itself, and his experience speaks for his work.




    The construction workforce was introduced to Stan at any early age. “My father was a home builder and he took me to the projects after school, weekends and summers starting at the age of 6.” Stan remembers cleaning up the sites and making paddleboats out of cedar shingles. “I still have a small scar from an incident at age 7, with a rebar protruding from demoed curb. Dad and I thought it was best to not let mom know.” When Stan was around the age of 10 he began to insulate walls in preparation for a drywall sub contractor.
    In 1976, he attended the University of North Texas, as a business major. Stan was 20-years old when he, “left school as a junior to pursue the construction industry.” He chose to join his dad. “My dad knew that I would need to understand the business and trained me as a frame carpenter. Trim carpentry was also a step he taught me.” As Stan grew to understand the form of carpentry and concrete finishing, and after a couple of years, he used his training to design and draw plans for new speculative homes. At the age of 22, Stan launched his own home building business. With the time Stan spent working and training with his dad it had brought him more opportunity. He not only launched his own business at a young age, but he stayed doing something that was now a part of him.
    “My dad passed away in 1996, and I switched to commercial work by joining Carl Ehrlich and Central Builders Inc. and I have never regretted that decision.”
    Even though, Stan switched to commercial work, he stayed in the construction industry and continued to make a name for himself. Since 1996, Stan has been working for Central Builders Inc., and today he is one of their project managers. “My job is enjoyable and to work for an owner like Carl Ehrlich and his family, who are rock solid people, have made it impossible for me to consider doing anything else for over 22 years now,” expressed Stan.
    Stan truly enjoys the relationships he’s formed with their customers and crewmembers. Don’t’ underestimate his height; he is a tall glass of friendliness, who loves his job.
    Aside, from Stan’s love for his work, he loves spending his free time with his family. Stan has three children, six grandchildren and his good pal Jack, his dog. Stan also finds enjoyment in hunting and fishing. A true Texan he is and a true story he has. –lv

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