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Industry Folks - Susan Thompson, Marsh & McLennan Agency

image Susan Thompson, Director of Business Development, Marsh & McLennan Agency

DALLAS/FT WORTH - The book of Ecclesiastes doesn’t say exactly this, but “There is a time to work, and a time to retire.”







    After Susan Thompson’s latest escapade in returning from a business trip starting in Midland, TX, it definitely is a time to retire.
    First, the plane got to Midland late from Houston due to weather. Next, someone on the plane got very sick, so there was a delay while they cleaned it. Then, the plane had mechanical problems, causing another delay. All told, it was a 16.5-hour day to get from Midland to Dallas.
    Thompson’s son is a United States Air Force Academy graduate who now flies for Southwest. She said, “I can’t wait to text him and tell him about my day with Southwest!”
    The former high school English teacher who admits she “can’t spell,” got into the business she’s in via a real divine appointment. She was teaching a Bible Study Fellowship class in Dallas, when a lady in her class had a husband who asked Thompson to answer the phones for him at his construction insurance company. She did it so well that she kept moving up into the business development job.
    Marsh & McLennan Agency does commercial construction insurance and bonding, also insurance for non-profit organizations like homeless shelters and churches.
    But now, after 13 years with them, it’s time to retire, which will take place on August 31 of this year.
    As to the next stage of her life, Thompson is “really big into volunteer work.” Out of her home church of Park Cities Presbyterian Church, she will be involved in various ministries like prison ministry, crisis pregnancy work, abused children ministry, and West Dallas projects.
    With God’s hand firmly on her life, Thompson will use her time in retirement helping others and being a blessing.
    More than likely, she will not be a flight attendant with Southwest. Nor will she be retiring in Midland. -dsz

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