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Industry Folks - Bob Van Horn, Mechanical Partners Inc.

image Bob Van Horn, Project Manager, Mechanical Partners Inc., Dallas, TX

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Not one, not two, but three rescue dogs live in the Van Horn household. Van Horn and his wife Julie are loving parents to their two daughters and their three dogs.






    He said the favoritism falls on Skittles, the little female Maltese. “She’s got all kinds of health issues, but she just keeps managing to keep on and I like that in her.” The Van Horn’s rescued Skittles and her mother; they have a rescued miniature poodle too.

    Van Horn is from Sherman, TX which is about 60 miles north of Dallas. His first opportunity in the industry was with a plumbing company in Sherman, spending six or seven years with them. During that time Van Horn managed to receive his plumbing license.

    Before the plunge to Dallas, he met his future wife (Julie) and then they moved to Dallas. Van Horn began working for TDIndustries, and was with the company for nearly 30 years.

    In 2015, he started working for MPI and is a project manager for them. He enjoys MPI and states, “they are a good people company.”

    When asked which MPI project stood out he replied, “The most challenging project was the Tex Rail Maintenance Facility in Fort Worth.” Overall he adds, “It’s a very nice project.”

    Van Horn is very much a people person and has made friends within the company. While one of his hobbies is fishing, the MPI crew has gone on a couple of fishing adventures together. “It’s been fun meeting everybody.”

    Another hobby is keeping the garage spotless. Van Horn calls himself, “a garage connoisseur.” He keeps all kinds of wood working tools because he also loves to do woodwork.

    An interest of Van Horn’s is travel. In fact, he and his wife (who have been married for 33 years) plan to do more of it. While they’ve already hit about 15 states in the U.S. they plan to hit them all.

    One particular state he would like to visit is Connecticut and the New England area. He would like to see the different trees, the coast and all the beauty the area has to offer. –lv

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