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Industry Folks - Mark Alan Nelson, R L Murphey Commercial Roof Systems LLC

image Mark Alan Nelson, Project Manager/Estimator, R L Murphey Commercial Roof Systems LLC, Lewisville, TX

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Mark grew up in Bellingham, WA about 20 minutes from the Canadian border. He has two older brothers and a younger brother and sister. Mark felt bad for his sister having to grow up with four older brothers.





    His father has a welding business in Bellingham. Both his father and mother still live there. “But it’s always rainy in Washington,” is how Mark puts it, “and it’s no fun doing construction in the rain.” Mark was working as a foreman for his father.
    So after 10 years of working in the rain, at the age of 28, he moved into a sailboat. “I bought a sailboat. It took me about 8 months to fix up and I sailed it down to Mexico.”
    Mark didn’t have an inboard engine until he got to southern California. Once there, he rebuilt the engine and got in running. “That was a big help once I got to Mexico, I could actually motor places rather than just sit there,” he laughed.
    He eventually found himself in the Sea of Cortez for about a year and remembers the diving there being excellent. When Mark would spear fish he would catch tons of fish. He’s convinced there is more fish in the Sea of Cortez than any other place.
    With all his travels and adventures Mark learned a little Spanish and French. He knows enough to hold a light conversation. “I can go into a store and ask for tomatoes (maybe).”
    Pondering and sailing, Mark made his way to Hawaii. He lived there for four years doing construction work. Oh, and he got rid of the boat. Sea you later!
    Next, the Hawaiian breeze blew him in the direction of love. He met his girlfriend Melissa in Hawaii when she was on a vacation. She grew up in Grapevine.
    Today they both live in Denton with their pets. “I am kind of a collector of animals.” Indeed, he owns a couple of dogs and barn cats. Rocket is the name of their Chiweenie and Max is their half lab, half German Shepard.
    Mark is also handy at home and spends time rebuilding the house they bought and working on his 1951 Ford.
    Even though the sailor days for Mark are as far as a Texas sunset, he remains in the construction industry as a project manager/estimator.
    He enjoys working for Rick Murphey because “he is a real person,” who is not rude. Mark has met his fair share of characters in the industry, but now he finds it nice to work where people are happy to be at work. –lv

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