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Industry Folks - José Flores, Express Ready Mix

image José Flores Manager/sales Express Ready Mix Dallas, TX

DALLAS/FT WORTH - When José Flores talks about the long and winding road, it’s not just about his personal journey thus far; it’s about how he and his wife Patricia like to see the U.S.






    José’s story began in Tampico, Tamaulipas, Mexico, where he got his college degree in geology. From there the next step was the oil and gas fields of West Texas and New Mexico, where he specialized in hydrocarbons as they apply to drilling. This information is invaluable in oil and gas drilling.
    But José desired to expand his opportunities and he became interested in the construction business, looking into the concrete side of it. Setting his sights on the Dallas area, he and his wife Patricia bought some trucks and away they went.
    Thus, José went from working on all things under the ground to putting down concrete above the ground.
    Of course, it didn’t hurt things that their daughter Cynthia married a man who owns some concrete pumps. This makes a business one-stop shopping.
    It’s a family affair with Patricia handling sales and advertising and Cynthia taking charge of all the administration, like insurance and banking. Not only does son-in-law Ivan run the pumps, he is the in-house mechanic for the firm, keeping the trucks ship-shape and ready to roll.
    José runs the safety program and drums up sales for the firm.
    When not laying concrete, José and Patricia like to drive on it. Thus, the journey takes them all over these United States to see wherever the roads lead. Not necessarily with a plan either; the duo sometimes like to just wing it and go and let the open road dictate their destinations.
    José and Patricia are fond of hitting Orlando and Miami on the east coast, then the pristine air and scenery of New Mexico out west.
    José’s favorite road trip and destination hot spot, however, is Viva Las Vegas.
    Now, José didn’t say exactly what he likes to do in Las Vegas, or if what he does in Vegas really stays in Vegas, but when he saw the Hoover Dam, he wished he could have gotten that concrete contract. That would have kept his pumps and trucks busy for a good long while.
    If not on the open road, having two other daughters and a former-Marine son and a total of nine grandchildren keep José hopping. They all live in the Dallas area and have weekly get-togethers. Patricia loves to cook for the crew. Family time is a top priority.
    Whether it’s pouring concrete or driving on it, José Flores is constantly on the go—and loving every minute of the ride. –dsz

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