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Industry Folks - Melisa Byron, Kevco Electrical Construction Inc.

image Melisa Byron, Administrative Specialist

DALLAS/FT WORTH - For Melisa Byron, taking a job last year as an administrative specialist at Kevco Electrical Construction Inc. is what she calls “totally new thing” career wise.






“I have always worked retail, and this was my first full-time job” she explains. “This was a big jump, an exciting new thing to try to get into something new that I’ve never experienced before.”
    Her trust fall was in good hands.
    “Kevco is owned by my stepdad, Kevin Richardson, and my brother Blake is the office manager,” Byron says. “I used to come into the office and help my mom with paperwork. He came to me a little over a year ago and asked if I wanted to come in and work full-time in March of 2016.
    “I came in and I’ve been taught a lot,” Byron continues. “They’ve answered a lot of questions that I had and actually, it’s worked out really well. It’s been a good thing; I’ve enjoyed it.”
    Byron has two daughters and one granddaughter. She and her husband Charles, who were high school sweet-hearts, celebrate their 25th anniversary in October.
    When she’s not running around for her kids or working, she has several ways to regroup.
     “I like to read,” she says. “I love the beach and just be outside and swim. I love spending time with family, being social with my friends, catching up and going to dinner.”
    With work, family and fun in balance, Byron is looking forward to what the future holds.
    “I’d like to continue with Kevco and just keep doing the work that I’m doing now and, of course, learn new things as they come in,” she says. “Professionally and personally, I would just like to keep on the same track that I’m on right now.”

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