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Industry Folks - Tinkie Davidson, Soci Tile and Sinks

image Tinkie Davidson, Sales representative

DALLAS/ FORT WORTH - When Edwina Davidson was a little girl, her rambunctiousness earned her a reputation with her two siblings – and a nickname that stuck with her for life.

    “My sister used to call me a ‘Tinker Monster’; I was a little bit of a terror,” she admits with a laugh. “As I got older, they dropped the ‘Monster’ and started calling me ‘Tinkie.’ Since my name is ‘Edwina,’ one is just as bad as the other, so I kept the ‘Tinkie.’ The ‘Monster’ part stayed in my personality, but I did drop it in my name because it is kind of hard to get a job when your name is ‘Tinkie Monster.’”
    With her name issue resolved, Davidson went on to work at Texas Instruments for more than 20 years until it was sold and relocated. She moved on to real estate, where she met the mother of Soci Tile and Sink’s future owner. She was recruited to join the company part-time 12 years ago, eventually becoming full-time sales representative for the Dallas/Fort Worth market. She feels the job is a perfect fit for her outgoing personality.
    “I’m a people person, so I really like talking with people,” she says. “If a customer has a problem that needs to be fixed that second, I try to fix everything fast, and the customers are very appreciative of that.”
    Another part of the job that she enjoys is the exposure to the latest trends in her industry, and it’s hard not to succumb to its temptations.
    “We just remodeled our kitchen; I have a new granite top, new tile, new sink and a new faucet!” she says. “We always have a project going on at home, my husband’s very much a handyman; we’re building a deck on the back of our house right now.”
    When she’s not working or renovating, she enjoys her five grandchildren, as well as camping and fishing with husband John (who works for Soci’s sister company).  Staying busy is natural for Davidson; adulthood didn’t dampen the high energy she had as a child.
    “The owner’s mother is semi-retired and she asked me what I was going to do when I retired. I said I would probably find a part-time job,” she says. “I’m not one to sit at home all day!”
    Soci Tile and Sink is a designer and wholesaler of custom tile and plumbing products in the United States, offering an extensive line of high-end stone, ceramic and glass mosaics, wood-look porcelain collections, decorative pieces accessories and its own branded sinks. –mjm

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