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Industry Folks – Donna Hauptmann, Kitchen Designer/ Sales Representative, ProCraft Cabinetry, Dallas


DALLAS/FORT WORTH – Novelist George Eliot once mused that it’s never to late to be what you might have been, and Donna Hauptmann is a true testament to that. When the former Harker Heights, TX flower shop owner found herself going through some major life changes, she decided to take control and pursue a college degree.

    “I originally thought interior design was my passion but I realized after reading some information about the University of North Texas’ merchandising program that that’s what I really wanted,” Hauptmann says. “So, I worked toward a merchandising degree with a focus on kitchen and bath design.”
    It definitely wasn’t the easiest path: She was a single mom of two sons and was working while trying to squeeze in studying and classes.
    “It was tough because I worked fulltime at the university and took classes during the day on my lunch hour and at night,” Hauptmann says. “There are times when homework to me was a really bad word, but I got through it. Honestly, once you plug in and just decide you’re not going to stop, it happens before you know it. It was a good experience.”
    The 55-year-old minored in marketing, earned a retail certificate and graduated last May with a 3.2 grade point average – six years after she decided to pursue a degree. She currently puts her new degree to good use designing kitchens and baths at ProCraft Cabinetry Dallas.
    “We work with a program called “2020” which caters to the kitchen and bath industry,” she says. “Contractors and designers send me their measurements and room layout and I plug cabinets in, make them look pretty and add design elements.”
    Even though those six years weren’t easy ones, Hauptmann insists she wouldn’t change a thing.
    “I love it. I’m very happy to be working in this industry,“ Hauptmann says with a smile. “It’s what I’ve wanted to do for a long time.”
    ProCraft Cabinetry is a cabinet distributor. –mjm

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