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Focus - Economic benefits of green

image Allan Throneberry, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, DMI Technologies Fort Worth, TX

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Throneberry leads the sales and marketing efforts for DMI Technologies. He began his career in the early ’90s with a regional telecommunications company and has spent the last 20 years in various leadership roles for Telecom and Software companies.





How would you describe the state of the construction industry in general terms?  Have you experienced an increase in business? Slowdown?
    We can’t speak for the state of the national industry, but I can tell you that construction is big business in Texas right now. The industry has never been stronger, and we are seeing more projects every month. DMI and many other companies in our market are experiencing a major growth cycle this year that should trend into late 2021.

What are the economic benefits of green or sustainable building and development?
    The economic benefits of sustainable buildings are truly hard to capture. There are many studies that show the benefits of cost savings on utilities for buildings that are developed to be green. What DMI is interested in however, is harder to capture. Our focus is on the actual use of the building and its inhabitants. How can you capture the happiness of an employee who benefits from daylight harvesting technology? Is it possible to trace how many extra kilowatt hours of energy can be used in urban shelters due to a drop in usage of the commercial building next door? These are the hard questions, and I think that as the industry can learn to grasp these measurable items and present them, we can then start to see real growth in sustainable development.
Where can I find more information
about the components of green building, like energy efficiency or reduced waste?
    There are many local chapters dedicated to green building technology. Agencies such as LEED or USGBC provide readily available information on how green buildings are scored. Alternatively, many consumers are reaching out to their construction tradespeople and product manufacturers for this knowledge.
How do buildings affect natural resources?
    In every way imaginable. Every brick, stick, cable, and piece of glass used in construction is derived from some natural
resource. Most people realize this, but many overlook the use of natural resources by just choosing a location for the development. Any time that the environment is changed, even in a small way, there is a change to the local ecosystem. Clearing dirt for a mid-rise building, for instance, changes the natural flow of rainwater run off for an area surrounding that development. This is a major reason that development planners must be aware of and care about sustainability in their project.

What standards exist for green building?
    Standards for green building can be found in multiple places depending on the part of the world you are developing. In the U.S. there are standards published by the USGBC that outline specific building requirements for gaining accreditation and LEED Point.
    DMI Technologies is a woman-owned- small-business and is a provider of network infrastructure, security and smart building technology located in Ft Worth, TX. Their mission is always to deliver the highest quality of connectivity through the use of innovative solutions. -cmw

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