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Focus - Industry’s state in 2018: “Optimistic and confident”

image Richard Gartner, President, Trinity TransCon, Grapevine, TX

DALLAS/FT WORTH - How would you describe the state of the construction industry in general terms? I’d have to say the state of the industry is both optimistic and confident. Analytics are showing an increase in the percentage of contractors reporting either steady or increased backlog heading into 2018.



Have you seen an increase or decrease in commercial construction in North Texas?
    The markets we serve have certainly not shown signs of decreasing. Projected population growth for North Texas should keep commercial construction going for quite some time.

What are the “hot button” issues in your industry?

    The challenges we continue to focus on providing solutions for are jobsite efficiency and labor shortage.

How do you deal with or overcome these challenges?
    Advances in technology contribute greatly to improving jobsite efficiency. Project management software has become much more cost effective and increasingly user friendly. We’ve taken great strides at Trinity TransCon this year in reporting, documentation, and efficiency by leveraging technology and training team members. The key for us in addressing the labor issue is our relationships with subcontractors. Establishing fair and agreeable expectations as well as understanding each other’s current work-load and backlog greatly increases the probability of successful projects. Following through with your commit-ments to these expectations is imperative.

What are the rewards of the industry?
    The greatest reward the industry can provide a company like ours is the opportunity to satisfy clients to the extent they desire to provide us repeat business. It’s our obligation to then steward that provision appropriately to our employees, subcontractors and vendors. The reward in doing that well is immeasurable.

What are the keys to being successful in this industry?
    While client satisfaction is certainly important to sustainability and longevity, success begins internally with your team. Establishing a culture fostering communication and relationship will provide an environment where team members can function more effectively and truly enjoy participating. This takes considerable work and commitment and is something that we continue to pursue daily.

What projects are you currently working on in Texas?

    Trinity TransCon is currently rehabilitating a chiller plant for the DFWIA Board, and renovating the Terminal C Holdroom areas for American Airlines at DFW International Airport. We also have private retail development underway in Red Oak, TX as well as several concessions projects in progress at Austin Bergstrom International Airport in Austin TX. Several permits are pending for projects in Fort Worth and Dallas for which we have been awarded as well.

Is your company experiencing its own growth and evolution?

    The year 2017 has blessed Trinity TransCon with growth and development as an organization. We are grateful to have added Bill Schnoor and Shelley Travell to our team this year to take the reigns on the future development of our Operations and Preconstruction/Estimating departments respectively.
    With this growth, we are also excited to announce our relocation back to Main St., Grapevine, TX! Having started this adventure in Grapevine back in 2012 in a small room above a local restaurant, it’s amazing and encouraging to see how we’ve progressed. This year is already providing great opportunity for continued growth!

What advice would you have for people who wish to begin their careers in your industry?

    Don’t be afraid to get your hands dirty. It is crucial to one’s development in the industry to have firsthand knowledge of the projects you are selling, estimating and building. Even the administrative functions of this industry benefit from experiencing projects in motion and learning why things happen, when they happen, how they happen, and who makes them happen. Also, volunteer to help other departments. Every department is dependent upon one another to succeed and learning why will not only enhance your resume but instill a great deal of respect in you for your company team.
    Trinity TransCon is a Grapevine-based general contractor providing a comprehensive range of commercial construction–related services including preconstruction and estimating, project management and post construction services. The company is experienced in ground up, tenant finish, remodel and renovation projects. –mjm

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