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New corporate headquarters

image The new Scott + Reid corporate headquarters.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Scott + Reid General Contractors Inc. was founded in 1992 by CEO Chris Scott and President Brad Reid. Together, they have been active principals of Scott + Reid from the company’s founding. Over the more than 25 years in business, Scott + Reid has experienced incredible growth and now stands as a premier general contractor in Texas. Through their tremendous growth, a second office was opened in Houston in 2011.


    Specializing in commercial construction in all industry verticals, including interiors, capital improvements and new construction, Scott + Reid primarily serves the private sector of the construction industry.
    Scott + Reid Project Managers  Brad Reid and Derico Lewis and Superintendents Paul Aplin and Steve Schattle oversaw the construction of the Scott + Reid Corporate Headquarters. The project designed by Fred Meyer with studioMeyer took eight months to complete.
    The project scope included renovation of an existing site and new construction for a two-story addition. The site is the old single-story Sambuca restaurant building (also Button’s, most recently T. Blanco’s, both restaurants). The building was roughly 8,000sf.  The building site was acquired from T. Blanco’s  and the journey for Scott + Reid’s new headquarters began. Scott + Reid’s desire was to have all local staff in one space as they were previously split over multiple suites and have a showcase for their employees and clients.
    Primary construction of the project included masonry/curtainwall façade with tongue and groove vertical grain cedar siding accents over a structural steel structure on the new 12,000sf two-story addition and a masonry/curtainwall façade over the existing wood-framed building on the newly renovated 8,000sf single-story structure.  Finishes include custom live-edge Bolewood flooring, Tru PC concrete topping and demountable glass office fronts from three of the industry leaders.
    This project was a true design build project, which led to many challenges. Trying to keep design work at pace with the construction was difficult, as items would be built and considered and reconsidered. Adjustments would be made requiring re-build. Additionally, as this would be Scott + Reid’s new home, the stakes were high. Special attention was paid to capture some of the elements of the existing building that the Scott + Reid family had come to love, while incorporating a new modern design, but maintaining office functionality.   
    This project is unique because Scott + Reid was able to take an older non-standard office property (i.e. restaurant) and turn it into not only something workable, but a true gem. The “Scott + Reid” touch can be found throughout the office – color, unique art installations, etc. The final product exceeds a “standard” office build out in every way.
    The closeness of the project team from Owner/tenant Scott + Reid to the architect and subcontractors who teamed for the work really made this project possible. There was personal buy-in from all parties and incentive to make the final product something everyone was proud of. Having a solid working relationship allowed the Scott + Reid team to work through differences, difficulty with design, challenge ideas and ultimately collaborate for something greater than any individual could have completed.
    Scott + Reid General Contractors Inc. is a full-service general contractor. -cmw

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