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Fire stations times two

image Fire Station No. 3, Lewisville, TX

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Thomas Sneed Byrne wrote personal notes to each his longtime friends and associates, promising that if given a construction job, he would surpass their expectations. He did this upon starting his construction company, Byrne Construction Services in 1923. Today, Byrne Construction Services still stands behind that promise.



    Byrne’s small company completed it first milestone project in 1928 and the rest, they say, is history. Having weathered the great depression, the company continued to grow. Today, the company is 105 employees strong with two locations, San Antonio and Fort Worth, where it all began.
    Byrne Construction Services proudly constructed the new Lewisville Fire Station Nos. 3 & 8. The projects took 12 months to complete at a cost of $10,052,000.
    The project consisted of two new ground up three-bay fire stations including a community/training rooms, common rooms, living quarters, exercise rooms, lockers rooms, admin areas, storage and full-service kitchens.
    The exterior construction consisted of stone and brick masonry, wood cladding, store fronts and punched window glazing.
    Both fire stations utilize 4-fold doors for the quickest available opening. The bay doors open in six seconds compared to the usual 19 seconds. In the Fire Fighting community, 13 seconds saves lives.
    The biggest challenge the team overcame during construction was the unearthing and subsequent mitigation of an unknown abandoned gas line. The location of the 15-mile long gas line conflicted with the grade beam locations along the perimeter of the building. Once discovered, the team investigated the line and discovered remnants of gas that were impossible to remove during the abandonment process. Due to the remaining gas, the decision was made to cold cut the pipe in place around the conflicting area, seal each line with concrete and re-compact the soil.
    Project Managers Joe Mims and Charlie Williams and Superintendents Chris Key and Paul Austin oversaw the construction of the two fire stations with great. They ensured every I was dotted and every T was crossed, ensuring complete satisfaction.
    The City of Lewisville and the architect, BRW Architects, truly worked together with Byrne as a collaborative team. With open lines of communication, problems were solved quickly. Every project should be as team-centered as the Lewisville Fire Stations were.
    Bryne Construction Services is a full-service general contractor in Fort Worth, TX. -cmw

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