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Sport therapy and research for all

image Baylor Scott & White Sports Therapy & Research at The Star. Photo courtesy of James Steinkamp and Perkins+Will.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Since 1964, MEDCO Construction has been building in Texas providing full-service construction in the health care industry. The company was founded as the construction division of Baylor Health Care System.






    Baylor Scott & White Sports Therapy & Research at The Star is a comprehensive sports performance and health care center for all people. MEDCO broke ground on this 310,000sf, 11-story medical office building in July 2016. The project, which also includes a 405,000sf, six-story parking garage with 1,068 spaces cost $94 million to construct.
    Built on the 91-acre “The Star in Frisco” campus, the facility is home to several specialized centers for sports therapy and includes an ambulatory surgery center, a diagnostic imaging center, an urgent care center, outpatient rehabilitation, sports concussion center, pharmacy, sports performance center and a research center.
    The first floor includes a street-level Sports Performance Center that features an indoor/outdoor full-width football/multi-use field and a basketball court as well as training, research and rehabilitation areas. The upper floors house a family medicine clinic and a complete orthopedic floor. Located on the fourth floor is the Ambulatory Surgery Center, which focuses on orthopedic surgeries for sports injuries and features six operating rooms, eight pre-op beds and 10 recovery beds. This sports center also features leading-edge technology including Fusionetics, designed to help athletes understand, monitor and improve performance at all levels. In addition, Gatorade Sports Science Institute is located on the second floor.
    Seven indoor custom air-handling units, three roof-mounted air handling units, steam humidification and 13 splint system units support the facility.
    Construction of the six-story-high lobby posed a complex coordination challenge due to the high elevation and tight quarters. MEDCO developed a plan that scheduled all 11 trades in and out of the constricted space in a timely manner using a single boom lift.
    Over 24 constructive change directives leading to the equivalent of 700 new plan sheets were received; MEDCO managed this document challenge with Bluebeam and designated one person to update Bluebeam to ensure access to the most current sheets.
    The team encountered numerous conflicts in the MEP to structural concrete or steel during the Building Information Modeling (BIM) process. Partial redesigns of the mechanical systems occurred upon discovery of insufficient space to accommodate all ductwork and piping in certain areas. In one case, the team swapped an electrical room for a fiberoptic networking closet to allow pathways to continue to the building’s upper levels.
    Operable door panels, 32-ft tall, divided the athletic field. A prominent turf contractor had never encountered a door track in the middle of a field nor the corresponding need to find a means for turf to sit flat on the door track. MEDCO and the subcontractor utilized mock-ups and foot tests to ultimately create a removable, numbered and correctly oriented system of turf panels to provide a seamless surface that is safe for beginner to professional athletes.
    Truly a community project, all but three of the project’s 60-plus subcontracting partners were from the Dallas/Fort Worth or surrounding areas, providing a direct benefit to the local economy. In addition, the Baylor Scott & White Sports Therapy & Research at The Star is the first-of-its-kind collaboration, bringing together the best techniques in injury protection, recovery, education and research.
    MEDCO worked with two drawing packages from two different design teams, Perkins+Will and e4h Architects, to accomplish this expansive project. Perkins+Will was the lead architect on the core and shell and most tenant suites, while e4h designed the ambulatory surgery center. MEDCO managed the multiple packages utilizing Bluebeam Studio.
    MEDCO Construction is a full-service general contractor located in Dallas, TX. -cmw

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