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Windstorm rated school

image Freeport Elementary School

HOUSTON - Founded in March 1997 by Jay Carlton and Mike Gordy, Sterling Structures Inc. has been operating consistently for 21 years. Since the creation of their firm, Sterling Structures has built numerous school projects, which include renovations, additions and new ground up facilities, delivering these projects via CM@R, CSP and JOC.



    As a matter of fact, 75 percent of Sterling’s work is schools with the balance in light industrial, liturgical and tenant build-out. It’s this track record and a reputation for quality and on-time performance that made them the perfect fit for the construction of Brazosport Independent School District’s Freeport Elementary School.
    This new 90,430sf elementary school replaced the old Long Elementary that was demolished during the construction of the new facility. The new school is a fully functional windstorm rated school with gym, cafeteria, library, administration and classrooms. And cost $19 million to complete.
    This project is of standard design to be replicated at three additional sites.  Sterling Structures was awarded the entire $150,000,000 bond program and is currently building the third elementary school of five. The entire bond included both new structures and renovations with a total of 12 projects.
    This new school consists of a structural steel framing system on a spread footing foundation. The project consists of exterior face brick, single ply roof with exterior Avadek canopies. The interior materials consisted of decorative entry wall tile, laminated wall panels, circular drywall framed classroom learning areas, LVT, carpet, special entry aluminum vestibule system and decorative lighting in the library.
    Dealing with the rainfall that is prevalent along coastal towns was a significant challenge for the Sterling team, but one that they have become well accustomed to. One hundred thirty four days were lost due to weather totaling 106 inches of rainfall. The project was still completed on schedule and under budget.
    Warren Parker was Sterling Structures project manager and maintained close lines of communication with Architect Todd Lien with VLK Architects Inc.
    BISD Construction Director Alec Journeay’s involvement was one of the most positive aspects of the project.  The owners of Sterling Structures attend every weekly project meeting. Journeay was always present working side-by-side while directing immediate answers to questions. VLK Architects had multiple managers attending these meetings as well. The availability to attend the meetings and quick answers by the client and architect allowed Sterling Structures to achieve the finished product on time and under budget.
    Sterling Structures Inc. is a full-service general contactor in Houston, TX. -cmw

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