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Coffee anyone?

image Parks Coffee Brewery

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Raymond Construction recently finished a 50,000sf roasting facility for Parks Coffee. The facility is located next to Parks main headquarters in Carrollton, TX, at 1401 MacArthur Drive.






    Raymond Construction has been in business since 1952. Charles Raymond, who now owns the company, started working for Raymond Construction in 1976 after having a short career in the insurance industry. He recalled the early days remodeling old apartment complexes in Oaklawn.
    What’s unique about the project is that it incorporates a three-story office space into a coffee roasting facility. Parks has built this also to be a showcase as a sales instrument and not just as a production facility. The goal is for their customers to understand their process and their story better when walking into this facility. It has open space for packaging, three coffee roasters, including a new custom built industrial roaster, plus tasting, training, office, social and retail space.
    Randy Parks, president of Parks Coffee, owned the adjoining building which is their headquarters, so Raymond Construction had to use their driveway and some of the truck yard to make this project work. The location of the project is at the corner of President George Bush Turnpike and Dickerson. The road in this location is fairly high so you are almost looking down at the building. The third floor was designed to look out over the freeway to the south. There’s a porch on the location that can be opened up for a south view of the highway.
    This is the third project that Raymond Construction has completed for Parks Coffee. Although Raymond Construction had never completed a roasting facility prior to this project, the company has worked on several three-story office buildings so it was unique to combine the two together, says Raymond. The warehouse production area only goes up to the roof of the second floor. So if you’re on the third floor you can look out over the roof to the west. 
    The superintendent for the job was James Tarder and the project manager was Ron Harper. Harper has been with Raymond Construction for over 20 years.  The building is a transitional building.  It’s a little modern but still traditional with some brick on the exterior.  Architect was Steve Meier, SMA Architects, in Allen, Tx. SMA was also the architect on one of the previous buildings for Parks Coffee in Dallas.
    The 50,000sf project was a design/ build, but one of the big issues was that it was in a flood zone. The team had to spend many man hours of getting it out of the flood zone. They spent a long time with the civil engineer getting this done which is the case for most of the buildings in this area are as well.
    When you enter the building from the north, there are coffee kitchens on the first floor. This is where Parks does the tests for roasting coffees. There is an elevated walkway on the second floor where you can walk out over the production area. In this elevated area you can actually walk over the roasters. On the third floor there’s a huge conference room with an open deck that faces the south as mentioned earlier.  The son of the owner of Parks Coffee is also an architect who recently moved back to Texas from New York and worked with Raymond Construction on much of the interior of the facility. There are very high end doors throughout the facility as a result. Much of the flooring in the facility is polished concrete floors which is becoming more common now on projects. There wasn’t much carpet at all in the building so Raymond was able to minimize throw away products to make for a more environmentally friendly finish.
    The biggest challenge was getting this type of building on the site.  They had to negotiate with the City of Carrollton not to take a fire lane around the entire building because it would have taken up too much land. The challenge was making sure Mr. Parks could get everything that he needed despite land possibly becoming an issue. The building had to share access from another lot so they also had to have the two sites come together as one. To overcome the challenge, they spent a lot of time going back to the city and also back to the president/owner of Parks Coffee, Randy Parks.
    All parties involved are very happy with the final result. Raymond Construction and Parks are discussing a fourth project together. This will be a great showcase for Parks Coffee. They will have a retail coffee shop and Parks will actually encourage people to have meetings there at some point. It reminds you of the coffee version of many of the beer breweries that are popping up all over the country. We like to call it a coffee brew house.  –ja

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