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Senior high-end living

image The Aspens at Wade Park, Frisco, TX

DALLAS/FT WORTH - If you’ve been driving in Collin County on The Dallas North Tollway over the past few years you’ve seen plenty of cranes and construction sites in the Plano Legacy area. But if you drive even further north you will suddenly find that the construction doesn’t end in Plano.  Next up is Frisco’s $5 billion dollar mile. 




    One of the areas that make this $5 billion dollar mile special is the highly anticipated  Wade Park.  Wade Park is a 175-acre mixed-use development that seeks to redefine upscale elegance in a contemporary, eclectic setting.  A recent project finished in the Wade Park area sits The Aspens at Wade Park, a 162-unit, three-story, 139,670-sf senior living facility, as well as a 5.77-acre site development. This is an attractive high-end independent living apartment complex with clubhouse, courtyard and pool, garages and carports. Other features included in the project: a full commercial kitchen; wine bar; salon; exercise room; study; theatre; dog wash station and library. 
    Aspens Senior Living decided to use Spring Valley Construction for the project due to their prior experience with senior living facilities. The company has worked with several other clients like Aspens Senior Living so they were great for the job. This isn’t one of your senior living facilities of the ‘80s and ‘90s says Spring Valley’s Jim Archer who is the CEO and has a 40+ plus leadership role with the company.
    What made the project special is that the logistics plan required beefing up the slab leading into the courtyard from the parking lot in order to create a corridor to transport material to the courtyard. The engineer-approved redesigned layout was drawn in order for the trusses to withstand the span needed for heavy equipment to pass through the corridor daily without interfering with the integrity of the structure. The phasing and turnover of different sections of the three-story building was unique in that the clubhouse and surrounding units were occupied while the remainder of the project was wrapping up the punch phase of construction prior to additional new tenants moving into the facility. The SVCC project team communicated with and adhered to the fire marshal regulated building code to accommodate the 55-year-old and up residents looking forward to the move into their new residence.
    Some of the materials used for the project included imported Italian marble in the foyer and reclaimed lumber in the reception area. Aspen logs were also brought in from Colorado and installed in the main foyer of the clubhouse entrance. 
    Now it wouldn’t be a project if it didn’t have its share of challenges to overcome. The Spring Valley project team had to overcome and plan accordingly to the extremely tight schedule of The City of Frisco’s officials regarding inspections.  Due to the high demands of numerous high-profile developments surrounding Wade Park, the City of Frisco could only offer one inspection per day which could not exceed an hour. The Spring Valley project team stayed in constant communication with the MEP trade subcontractors and had back-up plans in place should an opportunity be missed with requesting and receiving necessary inspection.  The courtyard also flooded easily and often and drying it out was a lengthy process.
    The project was a completed in August 2017 with a final contract amount of $19,868,000. The superintendents and project managers for The Aspens at Wade Park include Allen Grimes, senior project manager; Joe Sebold, superintendent; Blake Helm, assistant project manager; and Mike Jackson, assistant superintendent.
    “One of our biggest concerns was the necessity to begin leasing and occupying the units ahead of completing construction. Spring Valley Construction Company was the driving force behind ensuring that the various phasing plans were delivered timely.  In addition, SVCC’s attention to detail and insistence on quality and workmanship resulted in the construction quality exceeding our expectations,” says Barry Metcalf, principal, Aspens Senior Living. –ja

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