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Relationship driven safety

image Sean Doyle, district manager of Ritz Safety’s Dallas office.

DALLAS/FT WORTH - Ritz Safety has 13 locations nationwide and three in Texas: Dallas, San Antonio and Houston. They all work for and report to Ritz headquarters in Dayton, OH. This begs the question: Is there any competition amongst these three locations?





    “Absolutely,” Sean Doyle, district manager for Ritz Safety’s Dallas office, said. While the number one goal is to make Ritz successful when it comes to sales charts and profit margins, “You want to beat the guy ahead of you and you always know the guy below you is coming after you,” Doyle said.
    Having said that, Texas has a very mobile workforce in the construction and gas/oil industries. Thus, it’s not territory that determines Ritz Safety’s clients, but with whom the client does business.
    “All the clientele is pretty much driven off of relationships,” Doyle said, “especially in the oil and gas [area]. If you have the relationship, you have the client.”
    Thus, when a client from the Houston office works in the Metroplex, he will still do his business with Ritz’s Houston office because that’s his home and he knows the folks there.
    “Everybody can sell you a pair of glasses,” Doyle said. “We want to be more of: Why are you buying that pair of glasses? We’re also about solutions. If you have a constant injury that’s coming up, we partner with our customers to look at training, or work on an alternate product.”
    In a very dynamic industry, gas detection and hearing protection are heavily emphasized more now than in previous times. The trick is to train the young, healthy worker in the field that hearing protection now will pay off later.
    “Companies are now investing in people rather than just a job,” Doyle said. “The whole M.O. is to get them back home safe every day, with their appendages.”
    Even though Doyle, who hails from Florida, roots for the Buccaneers and not America’s team, his goal is to build a relationship with his client and bring him or her home safely.
    Ritz Safety is family owned and has its corporate headquarters in Dayton, OH, with an office in Dallas. -dsz

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