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One day only

image Block Kids participants at EM Daggett Elementary

DALLAS/FT WORTH - For one day and one day only, Block Kids is back! No, this isn’t an all-boy band. It’s the National Association of Women in Construction (NAWIC) Fort Worth Chapter Block Kids Building Competition.






    The building competition is a national completion sponsored on the local level by NAWIC. This award-winning program introduces children to the construction industry in an effort to create awareness and promote careers in the industry. Local winners advance to regional competitions. One semi-finalist from each region is entered in the program’s national competition. National prizes are awarded to the top three projects.
    Students are provided with 75-100 building blocks to build a construction industry related creation.  Each student may choose three additional items to include in their design - a small rock/stone, a 12” piece of string, 18x18 piece of foil, or 18x18 piece of poster board.
    Block Kids is a program of the NAWIC Education Foundation (NEF).  NEF also has programs for Jr. High, High School and College students, as well as many adult certifications. NEF’s certifications are available to anyone seeking to further their knowledge in the construction industry. 
    First place winner was fourth-grader Emilison Sanchez at EM Daggett Elementary. He built two towers that are to protect a castle. Each tower had a place on top for guards to watch over the land and water spouts to poor hot water on enemies. “We admired his attention to historical structures,” says NAWIC member Sharon Murphy. -cmw

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